Youtubers Life 2 Коды на Playstation 4 (PS4)

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читы, игровые коды, разблокировки, подсказки, советы, пасхальные яйца, глюки, руководства по игре, прохождение, скриншоты, видео и больше для Youtubers Life 2 на Playstation 4.

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Trainer Cheats Коды

Youtubers Life is all about creating your life as a Youtube streamer, thankfully, there are some content creators out there who like to make everyone else's life easier. The content creators have made cheats for Youtubers Life 2 to make the game easier for you so that you can enjoy it to the best of your ability. Here is a list of the cheats that could be available if you downloaded a trainer:

  • Easy Recording: Toggle F1
  • Clips Easy Connection: Toggle F2
  • Super Movement Speed: Toggle F3
  • Unlimited Reaction Time: Toggle F4
  • Unlimited Money: Toggle F5
  • Unlimited Render Points: Toggle F6
  • Max Recording Score: Toggle F7
  • Unlimited Energy: Toggle F8
  • Freeze Time: Toggle F9
  • Happy Subscribers: Toggle F10

Make sure to download a trainer from a trusted website. 



Use the Subway Подсказки

One of the best things to do when playing Youtubers Life 2 is to make use of the subway system. There are many districts within the game and travel between districts can see you lose hours of in-game time just trying to get from one place to another. Using the subway system will save you countless hours because using the subway is instantaneous. So make sure that you are using the travel options that the game offers you otherwise you will spend a lot of time just trying to travel around.

ValkorumQ teaches us about using the subway systems.


The Dreaded Scooter Test Подсказки

Many players have seen their fair share of frustration with the mission to obtain the scooter permit. To get this permit, you need to head over to the town hall, once you are there, head into the town hall and speak to Lorenzo behind the front desk. The test for the scooter permit will take place in the port district, you can head there straight from the town hall when you agree to do the scooter test.

ValkorumQ shows us how to get the scooter permit.


Manage your time Подсказки

In Youtubers Life 2, one of the most important resources is time. Managing your time well will mean that you will become a popular Youtube star very quickly. Most of the shops in the game will close at 7:00 pm, so the best thing to do is to do all the things you need to do during the day and once all the shops close, head home. You can stay up until 4:00 am before any effect will happen to your energy levels, so take the time from when the shops close up until 4:00 am to create content and edit your videos. This will see you maximizing your time and getting the most out of your day.

ValkorumQ teaches us how to manage our time properly.


Check your Instalife every morning Подсказки

Once you get access to Instalife within the game, make sure that you check it every morning because it can contain important hints that will help you plan your day. For example, in the morning, you might see that there is a post that contains “#Dogs” this might mean that there is a trend starting about dogs that you can use to your advantage. You can even go and visit the people that have made the post and that could be an opportunity to find some new content to create or a trend to join in on.

ValkorumQ shows us how to jump on trends.


Increase your energy Подсказки

Energy Levels are important for your video creation and editing, so an important thing you can do to make your life easier is to increase your energy levels. To do this, you will need to visit the gym 4 times, there is a catch though, you can not eat unhealthy food in between your gym sessions. When you head on over to the shops, look for the food that has the green symbol of the dumbbell and the heart that is not crossed out, this indicates healthy food. Head to the gym, once you are there, pick an activity, once you have done it, you will see a blue dotted line appear around the circle. This line indicates how far you are at leveling up your energy level. You will typically need to do four activities to level it up. Make sure that you eat your healthy food between activities. Once you have leveled up your energy, you will be able to do more content creation and editing in your time.

ValkorumQ demonstrates how to level up our energy.


Getting your Trends Подсказки

The easiest way of getting your trends throughout the day is to head on over to the games shop and take some pictures of the games or consoles that are trending. Capturing the games that are currently trending will give you tags to use that will capture the attention of all the users of social media and get you a lot of likes. All the tags that you achieve will be added to the video that you create which will boost your like and subscribe count. 

ValkorumQ shows us about capturing the trends.


Smaller Tips to think about Подсказки

  • Your drone can be the most important thing, make sure to upgrade your drone with abilities such as night vision, streaming ability, and bigger memory.
    More commission mechanics will become available as you discover new ways for creating content.
  • Learn how to do new things such as unboxing, reaction cards, and upgrading your videos.
  • Make sure to upgrade your house by getting new rooms and stuff, or ask a friend character to move in with you.
  • Persevere, every new Youtuber has faced a hard beginning, so make sure to not give up and keep pushing to become the best there is.


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