MLB The Show 22: MVP Edition Руководства на Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Вот наши Руководства для MLB The Show 22: MVP Edition на Playstation 4. Самые надежные предметы получают больше всего «больших пальцев вверх» от наших пользователей и появляются ближе к вершине!

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Camera View


The most popular setting for your camera is the strike zone view because of how close you are to the pitcher. This setting won’t work well for every player or pitcher. Sometimes the pitches are coming in too fast, and you’re battling to hit them. Don’t be afraid to try changing your camera view around in-game, sometimes, a new perspective helps.

Sports Gamers Online hitting tips.

Basics of Batting


The default controls use the same buttons for each swing type regardless of batting style.

Normal Swing strikes a balance between power and precision. By default, you'll make a Normal Swing by pressing the bottom button of your controller; X (PlayStation), A (Xbox), or B (Switch).

Power Swing foregoes accuracy in favor of distance. On a power swing, the ball will probably land in the outfield or further if you are successful in making solid contact. Power Swings are performed by pressing the controller's left button; Square (PlayStation), X (Xbox), or Y (Switch).

Contact Swing is solely concerned with getting the bat to make contact with the ball. While a Contact Swing can prolong an at-bat on a full count and, if done correctly, even result in a base hit, you're more likely to get unfavorable hits like fouls, grounders, and fly balls. Make a Contact Swing with the right button; Circle (PlayStation), B (Xbox), or A (Switch).

Bunts virtually eliminate all swing power, causing the ball to land close to the plate. The opposing team is forced to rush to pick up the ball as a result, usually as a sacrifice play to allow baserunners who are already on base to advance. Bunting is accomplished by pressing the top button; Triangle (PlayStation), Y (Xbox), or X (Switch).

Time Your Swings

MLB The Show 22's physics for swing timing have been tweaked to provide a more realistic baseball experience. You should swing slightly earlier for inside pitches and slightly later for outside pitches to maximize your effectiveness at the plate.

Batting Styles
There are three types of batting styles in MLB The Show22: MVP Edition. If you've played a previous entry in the series, you probably already know which style you prefer, but it's worth checking out Zone Hitting for the new PCI Anchor feature.

Timing Hitting

For players who are brand-new to the game or who prefer a casual, non-granular experience, timing hitting is a fantastic option. All you have to do to play with Timing Hitting is time the swing correctly, and your batter will attempt to swing for a spot that will make good contact. The ball is much harder to control in this mode compared to others, which is a drawback.

Playing an Exhibition Game with Timing Hitting enabled is a great way to get a sense of the reaction times required for various pitches if you simply need to improve your timing. You can always switch to Directional or Zone Hitting for a more thorough experience once you're comfortable with Timing Hitting.

Directional Hitting

Directional Hitting is similar to Timing Hitting in that it is relatively simple, but it allows the player to have more control over where the ball goes when struck. While playing Directional Hitting, moving the left stick in that direction will slightly nudge the camera in that direction, which will cause your batter to alter his swing in an effort to get the ball to go that way. To get the best results, you'll still need to time your swing properly.

The simplest method for finding weaknesses in the opposing team's defense is direction hitting (such as an outfield heavily shifted to one direction or the other). Just aim upwards and take a contact swing if you need to hit a sacrifice fly. If you switch to Directional Hitting before the pitch is thrown, this is especially simple. A drawback of Directional Hitting is that it's simple to send the ball too far in your chosen direction; keep the ball in your center to prevent unnecessary fouls.

Zone Hitting

Zone Hitting is the most difficult batting mode to master in MLB The Show 22, but mastering it grants you unparalleled versatility at the plate. You can freely move the PCI or pitch control indicator, targeting reticule while at bat to direct the sweet spot of your swing. Your outcome will be better if the dot in the PCI's center is closer to the ball when it makes contact.

You must have the ability to predict incoming pitches and respond accordingly in order to master Zone Hitting. By using the PCI Anchor feature, which will be available in 2022, you can set the PCI's default position to any batting zone of your choosing. You won't need to use the PCI to chase the ball if you correctly predicted the pitch location and can swing away as if you were using timing hitting.

Koogs46 explains how to effectively used the PCI feature.

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