Gran Turismo 7 Сбои на Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Вот наши Сбои для Gran Turismo 7 на Playstation 4. Самые надежные товары получают больше всего "больших пальцев вверх" от наших пользователей и появляются ближе к вершине!

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Through Cars Glitch Сбои

You must load a race and before the race starts you must lag behind the other cars. 

While the other cars are lining up to start the race and getting into positions. Your car will go into full throttle and start to pass cars.

Your car will be in full race mode while other players are still waiting for the count down to begin.

Your car will pass through cars and not be obstructed by them.

Z28Gaming shares a glitch that shows you how to pass through cars and gain an advantage at the start of the race.

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Money Glitch Сбои

You must go to the "Café" item on your map.

Under the Café menu, there will be sub-menus where you must go to the extra menu.

There will be a Toyota 86 collection that you must complete. You must buy all these cars from Brandcentral.

Once you have bought all these cars you will receive a 4-star ticket.

You must then go to your garage menu and open the ticket. 

You must then go to your collection menu and click on the extra menu under your collection.

You must click on the Toyota Collection and then click"start" and then "O" circle on PlayStation.

You must then go to the gifts menu and open the ticket. You must click on the gold bars and you will receive credits.

You must then save your game and switch the game off and restart the game.

You can repeat this process and make money again.

United shows you how a money glitch works on Gran Turismo 7.


Unlimited Roulette Ticket Glitch and Engine Swops Сбои

You must first be on level twenty and have completed all 39 Cafe missions.

This will unlock the extras menu which comprises car collection items.

You must go into the cafe in my collection, and find the extras menu. You must click on the first collection which is a Toyota and then instantly go back to the menu and you will see a plus 1.

You must open the Roulette ticket, collect the prize and repeat the process. 

You must then go to the Mazda 1 collection and click on the collection once you receive an engine swap. You must repeat the process.

This will allow you to have unlimited engine swaps.

Naffantait shows you an unlimited roulette ticket glitch on Gran Turismo 7.


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