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Вот наши Разблокируемый для Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II на Playstation 4. Самые надежные предметы получают больше всего «больших пальцев вверх» от наших пользователей и появляются ближе к вершине!

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Modern Warfare 2 Museum


After you've finished the game, click "Mission Select" at the bottom to access the museum.

Unlockable and How to Unlock:

Modern Warfare 2 Gallery: Complete the campaign on any difficulty

Killstreak Rewards


Getting the specified amount before dying will unlock the Killstreaks.

Unlockableand How to Unlock:

  • AC130 Gunship (be the gunner of the AC130): 11 Kills
  • Attack Helicopter: 07 Kills
  • Care Package (drops ammo/killstreaks): 04 Kills
  • Chopper Gunner (be the gunner of the Helicopter): 11 Kills
  • Copycat(Steal your killer's class in killcam): Die 4 times in a row without a kill.
  • Counter UAV (jams enemy radars): 04 Kills
  • Emergency Airdrop (4 ammo/killstreak drops): 08 Kills
  • EMP (disables electronics): 15 Kills
  • Final Stand(Get back up after being wounded): Die 4 times in a row without a kill
  • Harrier Strike (choose bomb location and defending Harrier): 07 Kills
  • Martydom(Drop a live grenade just after dying): Die 4 times in a row without a kill
  • Painkiller(Big health boost when you spawn): Die 3 times in a row without a kill
  • Pave Low (Armored Helicopter): 09 Kills
  • Precision Airstrike (drop airstrike): 06 Kills
  • Predator (guided missiles): 05 Kills
  • Sentry Gun (deployable gun): 05 Kills
  • Stealth Bomber (undetectable airstrike): 09 Kills
  • Tactical Nuke (kills everyone on map): 25 Kills
  • UAV (shows enemy location): 03 Kills

How to Unlock All Weapons In Modern Warfare II


To unlock weapons, you actually level up your current weapons to unlock the next ones. Call of Duty is calling it "level platforms." The idea is that you use your gun, get it to a certain level, and then you'll unlock another gun.

Lordsi FPS shows you how to Unlock all weapons.

All The Standard Weapons


Here we have all the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II standard-game weapons showcased. Included are the ADS reloads and weapon inspections. These weapons are divided into handguns, submachine guns, shotguns, battle rifles, light machine guns, markman rifles, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers. 

Weapons from games showcases all weapons and inspections.

Extra Custom Class Slot


The sixth custom class slot can be unlocked by reaching level 70 in multiplayer and switching to prestige mode.

Unlockable and How to Unlock: 

  • Custom Class (10 total): 9th Prestige
  • Custom Class (6 total): 1st Prestige
  • Custom Class (7 total): 3rd Prestige
  • Custom Class (8 total): 5th Prestige
  • Custom Class (9 total): 7th Prestige
  • Custom Class Slot: Obtain level 70 in multiplayer and enter prestige mode to unlock a sixth custom class slot.

Pro Classes and how to unlock them


Unlockable and How to Unlock:

  • Bling Pro (Two secondary weapon attachments): Get 200 kills using a weapon with 2 attachments.
  • Coldblooded Pro (No red crosshair or name when targeted): Destroy 40 Enemy Killstreak rewards while using cold blooded.
  • Commando Pro (No fall damage): Get 20 Melee Kills using Commando.
  • Danger Close Pro (Extra air support damage): Get 100 Kills with explosives while using danger close.
  • Hardline Pro (Death Streaks require one less death): Get 40 killstreaks while using Hardline.
  • Last Stand Pro (Use equipment in Last Stand): Get 20 kills while in Last Stand.
  • Lightweight Pro (Quick aim after sprinting): Sprint 30 miles using Lightweight.
  • Marathom Pro (Climb obsticals faster): Run 26 miles using Marathon.
  • Ninja Pro (Foot movement is silent): Get 50 close range kills using Ninja.
  • One Man Army (Swap Classes Faster): Get 120 kills using One Man Army.
  • Scavanger Pro (Extra Mags): Resupply 100 times while using Scavanger.
  • Scrambler Pro (Delay enemy claymore explosions): Get 50 close range kills using Scrambler.
  • SitRep Pro (Louder enemy foot movement): Destroy 120 enemy devices using SitRep.
  • Sleight of Hand Pro (Faster Aiming): 120 kills using Sleight of Hand.
  • Steady Aim Pro (Longer breath duration for sniper scopes): Get 80 hip fire kills using dive Steady Aim.
  • Stopping Power Pro (Increased vehicle damage): Get 250 kills using Stopping Power.

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