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Goose Goose Duck
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Cheats with a trainer.


All in-game cheats would have to be performed through a cheat engine to get ideal results.

Goose Goose Duck Player Visuals:

This allows you to know who the innocent, imposters and ghosts are with ease.Goose Goose Duck Force Fart:

This allows you to make all players fart wherever they are.

Goose Goose Duck Kill Selected Player:

This will allow you to select and kill any player from the player list, regardless of their current role.

Goose Goose Duck Fog Remove:

This allows you to remove all fog from war and you will be able to see everything.

Humanoidfreak has a few videos about how to have fun with cheats on this game. check them out.
Good  Enough!
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Warp Nine - Star Trek:

Пасхальные яйца

When pressing a button for a task to fire the ship’s reactor, a random number between 1-9 will be selected. There is no way to Achieve warp nine on purpose, but you might get lucky and get it first try.

Creators note on Easter Eggs

Пасхальные яйца

Finding in-game easter eggs was not in the creators’ minds when piecing together Goose Goose Duck. Although we can see that they tried to tie in Easter-Egg-like achievements, unlockable and specifically Game-Modes.

Like Imposter, the game's successor, there are different modes and perspectives to play the game from, and loads of characters with special abilities to choose from. In Goose Goose duck, we get to experience somewhat unnecessary designs and fun, relatable modes to some of the settings such as the “Trick or Treat” mode where Halloween is the backbone of the designs and game.

All these different game-modes and characters with their special abilities are readily available to either unlock or play upon Installation.

Donald Duck

Пасхальные яйца

There was a small, personal, easter egg in the Cinematic trailer of the game which might be hard to spot: While one of the Ducks gets suited in their astronaut suits, his name tag reads “Donald” which is a clear nudge to Disney’s famous Donald-Duck

Watch the Gaggle trailer to see Donald

Every Unlockable Ever


To unlock the following, you have to play the game and collect/Earn achievements. You can find those earned achievements in your Game-Main menu. 

This video will show you exactly where to view your achievement list and which in-game achievements are available, as well as which ones you have competed, while showing you how to achieve “Written out of script” unlockable.

Don't Skip the tutorial


Don’t! This tutorial carries crucial information which you will absolutely need to carry you through the rest of the game. You will be fronted with these tutorials once you are in the lobby. It also carries crucial information about different sections and their specialties.

The game is not straightforward, and you may get confused at a later stage by skipping. 

Stuck on “Game Starting”


While the host of the Lobby waits in the lobby before the game starts and the bottom bar on the screen says “Game Starting” the game does not actually start.

This could be caused by a player joining the lobby within a few frames of when the host clicked the button to start the game. To fix this, the owner of the lobby must leave and rejoin the lobby and the host should be able to start the game.

This can be avoided by making sure you lock your lobby before starting the game which prevents the player from joining your lobby within that short frame of time.

No Player Interface


Some players in the game might experience Icons for use, report, and special abilities, and the minimap not displaying on the screen in-game or hotkeys for these actions don’t work either.

This sometimes occurs during the game start-up but it can happen at random. An easy fix is to end your current game and start a new one. In a game like Goose Goose Duck, ending a game is not always an option.

In which case, my suggestion would be to call a brief meeting on the situation and discuss how many players were affected by this. Agree to vote out (preferably) the dodo or the ducks to end the game if a lot of players were affected, particularly if the ducks cannot kill.

If only one or two geese are affected, the game can pretty much continue on as normal even if those players are affected.

Lobby setting Discrepancy


This is most commonly picked up between a lobby host and other players. When a setting selected by the host does not match the setting of the players or the set game.

An easy fix, but not guaranteed is to select a different setting and then select the previous setting again. Sometimes repeating the process helps. It makes a huge difference for a host to double-check settings with players before the game starts; setting like the number of ducks, just to make sure that the settings match other players before the game starts.

Finishing Allotted Chores


If you are a goose you will have to finish the allotted chores as quickly as possible! Ship duties need to be done for important reasons; Ducks are capable of killing geese and attempting to destroy a ship.

If you are assassinated as geese you will still be able to work but you will not be able to attend meetings when any urgency is discussed.

Travel Via Vent


Ducks can flee a scene swiftly by using vents as an extra advantage. This helps to lift suspicion and stay in the game,

Ducks Must Use Their Smartwatches


In-game device ducks use as an “extra” ability. A handy thing for a duck when it comes to constructing sabotage projects or damaging a ship part to locate murder-trapped geese. 

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