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Вот наши Руководства для City of Gangsters на PC. Самые надежные предметы получают больше всего «больших пальцев вверх» от наших пользователей и появляются ближе к вершине!

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Beginners Guide


There are three map files available: Chicago, Detroit, and Pittsburgh, although there haven't been any noticeable changes in how well any of the maps perform so far. Due to the possibility of receiving bonuses for matching nations, your nationality does have a slight impact. Decide what suits you best here. Select a photo and name that reflect your personality. Your starting skill is arguably the most significant factor here. As you can see, there are several options available. The following four things have been discovered to be helpful:

Getting territorial lowers the initial cost of a front. It shortens the time it takes for a front to dominate a nearby corner, making it a valuable talent if you want to expand quickly.

Nice building you’ve got there; it cuts the price of purchasing a new controlled building by 20% and minimizes the amount of heat you have to deal with from the police. To construct illicit businesses like breweries, distilleries, and speakeasies, controlled buildings are required. 

Protection rackets reduce the owner's annoyance and increase your total earnings per racket. Your fronts are financed in part by your protection rackets.

Street Brawler: Increase your non-firearms-related damage and hit probability. This talent won't aid you much in the early stages of the game, but it may be quite useful as you advance and come across more gangs and hooligans.

Once you are satisfied with your selections, click Start.

Checking your safehouse should be your first action after loading the game. The gray corner outlines help identify this particular structure. To make it simpler to locate future-controlled buildings, you will see they all have the same gray border outline.

To view what your legal business is making, click on your safe house. Each game begins differently, and you can only construct two of the four or more backroom beginning activities. vs. what unlawful enterprises you can start If you want a simple start to the game, just keep reloading until you find a company that makes anything you can utilize to make illicit booze.

Here is an illustration of a strong opening match.  As you can see, there is a fruit stand here that cranks out 8 barrels of grape concentrate every seven turns. The backroom brick wine operation needs the grape concentrate, therefore you'll need to make sure it's available for you to construct.

Since this game is turn-based, you may take your time learning what is needed. 

You'll also see that starting your first illegal backroom business would set you back anywhere from $600 to $1000. As a result, you only have $150 to play with when you first start the game. Let's inspect your storage to see what you might be able to sell.

Typically, you receive a few different types of booze to sell and use the proceeds to purchase your first backroom business.

The next step is to determine whether someone is truly searching to purchase the alcohol you have to offer.

You may accomplish this in two distinct ways.

Driving around to each business and looking at what they are buying is one option, but that will cost you movement points, and you won't know whether you are carrying the proper booze with you.

The second method is to choose the sort of alcohol you have and check to see whether anybody is purchasing by clicking on resource overlays in the top left corner.

If venues appear, proceed there and make as much money as you can; if not, you'll need to drive around to other establishments and approach them.

A great piece of advice is to ask the owner for a 20% price increase if you have any standing with him. On this screen, the standing is displayed at the top.

ValkorumQ shows a beginners guide for the game City of Gangsters.

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