Farming Simulator 23 Коды на iOS

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Farming Simulator 23
  • категория: Основная игра
  • Впервые выпущен: May 22, 2023
  • Жанры: Simulator
  • Тема: Business
  • Рейтинги: PEGI 3, ESRB E

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Beginners Guide


What to do with All the Starting Wheat

Sell it for Profit – Much like you did in the tutorial, you can simply sell the wheat for some extra money. However, make sure to watch the plot of land, as it will start to grow weeds and need to be plowed and cleared as a result.

Invest in Your Chickens – While selling the wheat is the easiest and quickest option, turning it into Chicken feed is a great long-term option. Purchase a Baler to turn the wheat into hay bales, then take them to the chicken pasture and feed your chickens.

Make the Most of Animal Husbandry

Chickens are the best animals for beginners to invest in as they are the cheapest ($50). You start with two young chickens, who can’t produce eggs yet, and a rooster, which is unnecessary for production. You’ll want to buy one mature chicken to begin producing eggs and a Pallet handler vehicle to collect the eggs she produces.

You can buy other animals after purchasing pre-made barns. The barns will have nearby lots full of ready crops, so though they will be expensive, you can still make some money off them right away.

Only Purchase Necessary Machines

There are many machines in the game, all of which perform different tasks. You should only purchase the essentials: a cultivator, harvester, and seeder. These make quick work of your crops, meaning you can earn money quickly.

As the game progresses, you can purchase a fertilizer, which uses cow manure or regular fertilizer and increases your crop yield, and a sprayer, which will keep pesky weeds from ruining your fields.

Take Note of the Weather

The latest game has introduced the Weather Forecast, which will show you what weather you can expect in the coming weeks. The weather can affect how much you can harvest and what crops you can grow. Crops are seasonal, so ensure you’re planting the correct plants during the suitable months.

Adjust Time to Your Liking

The Timescale in settings allows you to increase or decrease the speed of days to your liking, making it go from 2 to 90 times faster. This will enable you to speed through wait times and months you aren’t particularly interested in or want to grind through. Adjust them to the optimal speed and use them to your advantage.

The Best Way to Carry Out Your Agricultural Journey


Agriculture is the easiest line of work to explore in the game. It focuses on crop farming, and you start with three machines. To begin your journey, you’ll need fertilizer to increase crop production and health, and sprayers to spray herbicide and prevent weeds.

As you progress and the seasons change, you must purchase crop-specific machinery. Some crops require you to have machines to harvest them, specifically cotton, olives, grapes, and sugar beets.

Here are some of the machines you’ll need to purchase for different functions as you progress and their prices:

  • MEGA 1200L (herbicide sprayer) – $39 500
  • ZA-TS 3200 (fertilizer spreader) – $25 000
  • GL 420 Seeder (potatoes) – $46 000
  • Ventor 4150 Harvest (potatoes) – $599 000
  • Module Express 635 757L (harvests cotton) – $485 000
  • Disc-O-Vigne V Subsoiler (olives and grapes) - $5000
  • TPN 140 Mulcher (olives and grapes) – $4500
  • ROOSTER 604 Harvester (sugar beets) – $123 000
  • MP 122 OCEA Pre-Pruner (grapes) – $16 000

The Best Way to Carry Out Your Forestry Journey


The great thing about Forestry is you don’t have to purchase a specific plot of land to begin; you can just drive around the map harvesting every tree you see. The trees you cut down will regrow once you remove the stumps.

To begin forestry, you will need three expensive machines. After that, producing and farming trees is a simple process. Unfortunately, you cannot start forestry until you have every machine, so you should save up until you can buy all three:

  • The Cobra (380L) cuts the trees down - $445 000
  • The F20D (210L) transports the tree logs - $350 000
  • The SF900 grinds down tree stumps - $27 000

Once you’ve purchased the three machines, you can begin Forestry. To start, hope in the Cobra and drive towards a tree. When a yellow ring circles around the base of the tree, you can start cutting it down. The logs will be placed next to the stump. If a red ring appears, you cannot cut it down.

Once you’ve cut down a tree, you can get into the F20D and approach the piles of logs. Once you get close enough, a green ring will appear on the pile of logs, and you can collect them. You can head to the Sawmill or Carpentry to sell the wood when your vehicle is full.

Finally, you can get into the SF900, drive to the stump, and grind it down. Now all you have to do is wait for the tree to grow back, and you can begin the process again.

Farmer Cop shares a Forestry Guide

The Best Way to Carry Out Your Animal Husbandry Journey


Animal Husbandry is the best type of farming, especially if you prefer looking after animals to driving around in machines all day. It can be a lot of work, but it’s well worth it in the long run.

While you start the game with three chickens, they are not mature, so to begin Animal Husbandry, you will have to purchase a couple of mature chickens. From there, you can move on to each animal as you unlock their barns.

Working with animals, specifically cows, means you can produce dairy products, opening up another means of making money. You’ll also be able to produce manure which can be used to fertilize your crops. Chickens, Sheep, and Cows are the easiest animals to look after. They require little maintenance as you can just feed them hay, and they will produce goods for you. Pigs and horses are a bit more challenging.

Pigs need different types of food to stay healthy, need a lot of upkeep, and only produce manure. Horses are bred to be sold, so you must ensure they are trained well and in peak shape by riding them daily.

You will need the following things to begin your Animal Husbandry journey:

  • The Chicken pasture (free) – can hold 30 chickens.
  • The Cow Barn ($253 000) – can hold 45 cows, and there is a Manure Point nearby.
  • The Horse Barn ($118 500) – can hold 8 horses.
  • The Pigsty ($109 000) – can hold 108 pigs, and there is a Manure Point nearby.
  • The Sheep Barn ($95 700) – can hold 65 sheep.

How to Buy and Use Buildings


You will see a shopping basket icon in front of an unowned building. Make your way over to the icon, tap the little check mark that appears on the screen, and confirm that you want to purchase the building.

Animal Buildings

Now that you own the building, a paw print icon will be floating where the shopping basket icon was. Clicking on this icon will enter you into a menu where you can purchase the animals specific to the building you bought. The Menu will give you all kinds of details about the animal,  including how old they are, how long it takes for their babies to be born, what age they hit puberty, what they eat, and what they produce.

The menu on the left will indicate how many different types of the specific animal are available, while the capacity counter on the right shows you how many animals are on your farm.

Production Buildings

Now that you own the building, a spanner icon will appear. Tapping on this icon will take you to the production menu. On the left, you will see a list of items you can produce specific to the production building. For example, if you purchase the bakery, you can produce bread and cake.

The middle menu will give you details on the items you want to produce, including things needed to make the product and how much it costs to produce. Finally, when you click on an item to produce, the menu on the left will show you how many ingredients are currently available in storage and how many products are being produced through the building.

XTREME GAMING FEVER demonstrates how to purchase buildings.

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