Xbox One is “dead silent”

Последнее обновление: 18 августа 2013 г.

Wondering how loud the Xbox One is gonna be when it’s running? According to Albert Penello (Senior Director of Product Management and Planning at Microsoft) it’s “dead silent”.

Responding to a fan question via Twitter, Penello said the following:

@LikChan It’s DEAD SILENT. Quiter than the new slim 360’s.

We aren’t going to take him word for word – it can’t be dead silent, but we are going to say that you can expect not to hear it when playing a game. This will be good news to those of us who had loud Xbox 360s. Also given the Xbox One’s multimedia capabilities, in addition to playing (loud) games, having a quiet system will be nice.

If you want to know just how loud the Xbox 360 could sometimes get, check out this Youtube clip…

Here’s to quieter consoles!