How to Tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft

Introduction There are many different things for players to do in Minecraft, including taming wild animals that can be found in the game. One of the types of creatures that can be found in Minecraft are polar bears, so of course players want to train them. However, that isn’t as simple a task as it […]

Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One Editions Teased by 4J Studios

We haven’t heard much about the PS4 or Xbox One versions of Minecraft lately, but now we have reason to suspect they’re coming soon. 4J Studios, the developer of the console versions, sent out the following Tweet yesterday morning: Perfect Dark XBLA is on sale at 70% off just now! Perfect reason to finally open […]

Potential PS4 cheats & codes – what could the next generation bring?

The official launch of the PlayStation 4, Sony’s next-gen gaming console, is now upon us with many reporting that their pre-ordered console has already shipped. When the PS4 is officially released on November 15 a large library of launch titles and future games will accompany it. In the little time remaining, Cheats.co will try to […]

Minecraft does well at Gaming Awards

500 game developers came together to choose the winners of this year’s Game Developers Choice Awards, which were announced and presented at the 25th Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Rockstar Games’s Red Dead Redemption was named Game of the Year, but that wasn’t the only award this title received. It also won Best Game […]