Playstation UI walkthrough video

If you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of your PS4 today, or planning on trying to walk in and grab one off the shelf, then we suggest taking a look at this video walk-through of the Playstation 4 UI first. It’s easily the most comprehensive and high quality footage we’ve seen to date and shows off […]

Evolution of the Xbox dashboard

Who remembers the blades on the Xbox 360, or even the original green Xbox dashboard? In case you can’t, here’s a cool little image that should jog your memory. Yup, the blades were cool! Thanks to KillerByte2 of Reddit for the memories.

Xbox One dashboard & multitasking video leaked

One of the first leaks of a working “out in the wild” Xbox One console has come out with YouTube user Jackson Carter uploading the video you can see below. In the two minute clip Carter focuses mainly on the Xbox One’s dashboard/user interface and also gives us a quick rundown through the hardware (looks […]

New Xbox One IU images released

We hope you’re a fan of the new-ish Windows 8 UI (Metro) because as you’ll see from these brand new Xbox One user interface screenshots, the look is consistent. Microsoft released the images following their Gamescom press conference and in them you can see how multitasking will work (playing Forza and changing your music) as […]

PS4 user interface leaked via test kit video

The user interface, more commonly known as a dashboard these days, for the Playstation 4 has not yet been revealed. However this leaked clip should give us some idea of what it could look like when Sony finally decide to do the big unveiling. The footage comes courtesy of a very early PS4 testing kit […]