Official advice for “blinking blue light PS4 issues”

Последнее обновление: 17 ноября 2013 г.


If you’ve got issues with your new PS4 console then it might pay to check out this official thread on the Playstation support forums. Titled “Blinking Blue Light PS4 Issues” the posts refers to the following issues/problems that some gamers appear to be having:

  • The blue indicator light just blinks
  • There is no audio or video being sent to the TV
  • The console powers itself off after the light blinks blue

Sony don’t limit the blame to the PS4 and its accessories only, saying that there could be TV compatibility issues – we’re skeptical. If you want to start checking the PS4 itself, they said there might be problems with its power supply, its hard drive, or other “PS4 hardware”.

The post itself details various things you can do to try and pinpoint the problem and fix it, and we’ve heard of most successful fixes coming by way of checking the hard-drive and also booting the console into safe mode.

Safe mode on the PS4 lets you carry out a number of different operations including completely reformatting the hard-drive (which would mean you lose all your data) so tread carefully if you decide to go down that route.