Major Nelson doesn’t like “Xbone”

Последнее обновление: 9 сентября 2013 г.


There’s been a bit of hoopla over at the NeoGAF forums lately given that Major Nelson finally had his account activated there (I’ve been waiting years). But that’s not the point of this post – thankfully!

What is the point and what we want to know from you, is what you think the nickname of the Xbox One should be? The Playstation 4 is easy (PS4) and the Wii U doesn’t really need a nick name (not with 4 letters anyway), but what have you been calling the Xbox One?

Someone over at NeoGAF actually asked this same question to Major Nelson – well he actually asked him what he thought of the “Xbone” nickname specifically – to which Major Nelson replied:

I don’t like it… it disrespects the teams that have put in thousands of hours (already) into the development of the product. Sure, it’s cheeky but I don’t care for it myself.

The name actually makes sense to us (I’ve gone to type “Xbox One” and instead typed “Xbone” so many times it’s not funny), but it also has some negative connotations stemming from the extremely negative reaction that gamers gave the Xbone when it was first announced at E3.

So what do you think the Xbox One should be nicknamed?