Battlefield 4 Players Receive Invites to Titanfall Alpha

Последнее обновление: 17 января 2014 г.


One of the most highly-anticipated titles announced for the new generation of consoles is Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall. Titanfall, a first-person shooter with an emphasis on mechs and mech combat, received much attention after its reveal at E3, and is scheduled to be released in March.

And right now gamers who play Battlefield 4 and are also members of Origin, the gaming service provided by Electronic Arts, have been receiving invitations to try out the alpha of Titanfall’s Xbox One version.

To gain access to the alpha, players must fill out an application linked to in the email from EA (each link is personalised so there’s no point in posting it), but spots for participants are limited and the selection of players appears to be random. The alpha itself is not yet available. Players who have gotten in are still waiting for their chance to play Titanfall.

It seems a bit close to the release date for EA to be working with an alpha build, but hopefully this is a stress test for the system, rather than a search for bugs in the gameplay.