Rain World: Downpour Dicas em Xbox One (X1)

Última atualização: 21 de abril de 2023

Aqui estão as nossas Dicas para Rain World: Downpour sobre Xbox One. Os itens mais confiáveis recebem o maior número de "polegares para cima" de nossos usuários e aparecem mais perto do topo!

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Utilize pipes to avoid predators 


In Rain World, predators often get in the way, which is annoying. However, you can frequently avoid them by using the pipes that transport you as a white dotted line. If one of these is being used by a creature, you can pass through it and safely pass it by at the same time. When a creature approaches the entrance to your room, the three white lines on the pipe will flash the color of the creature as it approaches, for example, green for a green lizard. This is your cue to jump in right away so you can change rooms or positions without running into it.  

Those seemingly random symbols hold a lot of significance. 


You may have noticed that you move up a tier and get a new symbol while your Slugcat is sleeping in Rain World. While their purpose may not be immediately apparent, they are crucial for traveling throughout the world. 

In Rain World, there are symbol gates that connect each region. You cannot open these gates unless you have the corresponding symbol or a better one. 

Consider them to be a representation of your record of survival; the better the symbol, the more evidence you have of your survivalism.  It's the game's way of making sure you're prepared for environments with more challenging predators and scarcer food sources. If you find a glowing yellow flower and eat it, you'll be able to avoid losing any symbols in the event that you die. The Survivor achievement, which is listed with other achievements-in-progress as an offshoot of the main symbol, will begin to be earned if you make it to the top symbol and keep going.

Be wary of camouflaged criminals.


The deadliest predator in Rain World isn't the one you can see; rather, it's the concealed Dropwig perched on the ceiling, ready to strike, the Chameleon Lizard waiting by a pipe entrance or the Pole Plant that seems an ideal climbing target. Yet, the majority of camouflaged predators have a tell or are baitable. Pole plants can periodically shiver, letting you know they're not simply standard climbing poles, and you can defeat a Dropwig by tossing something in its path. Even vultures, just before dropping into view, cast a shadow on the background. Moving between camera perspectives in the same location should also be done carefully because a predator might be lurking just off-screen. Watch out for predatory or sounds or any changes in the music that would indicate their presence.

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