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  • Género: Adventure, Indie
  • Classificações: ESRB E10+
  • Lançado pela primeira vez: Feb 5, 2019

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Easy bytes Dicas

All u have do is put a resource in the research chamber then turn it on boom


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Satellite Mini-Game Ovos de Páscoa

If you find a satellite (including the Hubble Telescope), power it up by attaching a power node and then return to your base. There will be two new displays at your base that flash in specific sequences you need to match. Once you complete this mini-game, a stacking mini-game will start next. Once you complete the mini-games, return to the satellite and open it to collect Lithium as your prize.

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Historical Objects Ovos de Páscoa

Several objects in the game are designed after actual satellites, spacecraft, etc. These include:

  • Hubble Space Telescope
  • Kepler Space Observatory
  • Mariner 10
  • New Horizons
  • Sputnik
  • Voyager

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Unlock All Suits, Visors, Colors, and Dances Desbloqueáveis

Each planet has a purple structure at its core, the Gateway Engine. When you solve the puzzle inside, you will unlock a color palette, either a suit or visor color based on the planet, and a dance, depending on which planet it is. Different planets unlock different rewards.

  • Sylva – Terran Suit and Sylva color palette; Banks Sway dance
  • Desolo – Desolo Visor and Desolo color palette; Mash It Up dance
  • Calidor – Arid Suit and Calidor color palette; Lone Missus dance
  • Vasania – Exotic Suit and Vasania color palette; Breakin’ dance
  • Novus – Novus Visor and Novus color palette; Astro Style dance
  • Glacio – Tundra Suit and Glacio color palette; Dance Nobility dance
  • Atrox – Radiated Suit and Atrox color palette; Crisp Princess dance

If you complete everything, you will also unlock the Galactic Suit, Galactic Visor, and Galactic color palette.

Other suits have been given out as codes during special events, and there are some additional dances tied to achievements, as well.

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Wreckage Morse Code Ovos de Páscoa

Some crashed ships will have the sound of static, but along with the static there is also a message in Morse code. When translated, this message contains the somber message: “This may be my last transmission. Low on oxygen. Low on fuel. Low on supplies. Should never have jumped to this system. Such a fool. Goodbye. I’m sorry.”

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Lunar Lander Ovos de Páscoa

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon, it is possible to find the Lunar Lander from Apollo 11 and take a photo with it.

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Zebra Balls Ovos de Páscoa

Black and white striped spheres, nicknamed “zebra balls” by fans, have a chance of spawning. These balls have no actual use, but were left in the game from its development, when they were used to help with lighting tests. Due to their rarity and the initial confusion about their reason for being there, they have gained popularity among many players who hope to be lucky enough to come across a zebra ball.

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Space base Glitches

Normally, you can't get out of your planet's atmosphere, but I found out how to do just that! You'll need 2 rockets, 1 large rover, and one of any type of seat. First take your rover and attach the seat to the top, next add the two rockets you get to the back of the rover, make sure to do it evenly so you don't spin out immediately. I recommend doing this in a mountainous area, as it provides a natural ramp. You are now ready for liftoff! Activate thrusters, aim by using the left stick, and take off into the sky!

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Tributes to Paul Ovos de Páscoa

At a satellite, you can pick up the sounds of a message being transmitted in Morse code. This message, when translated, reads: “Paul, I miss you. You were a true friend and I’m a better person having known you. I’m so sad you’re gone. See you among the stars.”

Paul Pepera was the cofounder of System Era, the game’s developer, and also worked on the game as an artist. He passed away in 2017, and the message was added to the game as a tribute to him.

More recently, the game also includes photographs and an unlockable suit that reference Paul and his contributions to the game, added as part of the Wanderer update


Basic Tips Dicas

When you die, you’ll need to retrieve your items from your backpack to get them back. Items that were in your Terrain Tool slots at the time will be next to the backpack, although you might need to dig to get them back. Your items will remain there until you die again. If you die a second time before retrieving your items, they will be gone.

Use your Terraformer to get materials you’ll need to build, craft, power things, etc. Trading in Scrap at the Trade Platform will also let you get resources.

Keep an eye on your oxygen levels as you travel away from the base. If you oxygen hits zero, you will die. However, you can craft Tethers and connect them to an Oxygenator to allow you to have oxygen with you even as you travel far from the base. If you Tether is blue, that means oxygen is flowing through it. Your Tethers need to be close enough together, or they won’t have oxygen.

Once you get to Novus, you will have access to lithium, which makes it easier to get batteries. Therefore, Novus might be the goal you want to focus on early on, especially if you’re having trouble.


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