Undertale Batoteiros em Wii U (WiiU)

Última atualização: 20 de julho de 2022
  • Lançado pela primeira vez: Sep 14, 2015
  • Gêneros: Role-playing (RPG), Turn-based strategy (TBS), Adventure, Indie, Shooter
  • Plataformas: Mac,PC,PlayStation Vita,PlayStation Network (Vita),PlayStation 4,Linux
  • Classificações: ESRB E

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Hard mode


Enter Frisk on the name select screen. The game will warn you after yes, saying "This will make your life hell"

Hit yes to start a different game than Undertale. There are new and different monsters, running is prohibited on the first turn, and you can only play past Toriel, before the game gives you a joke ending.

Por: SuperEpicMiner Comentário

Easier Asgore Fight


At the beginning of your adventure, Toriel will give you a slice of pie. Save this until the battle against Asgore, and eat hit in front of him. His attack and defense will drastically drop.

Por: SuperEpicMiner Comentário

Quickly End the Muffet Fight


There are 2 ways to do this. If, by the impossible chance you have, have 9999999 gold, you can purchase Spider Cider or a Spider Donut just before the Muffet mini-boss fight. Upon doing so, she will let you pass without a fight.

However, if you are not a dirty hacker, you can still skip her!

It is simple: In the Ruins, you can find spiders selling Spider Donuts and Spider Ciders in their webs for 7/18 gold. If you save this until Muffet's battle and then use the item to heal, she will end the fight. That means right away before she even attacks you, you can get her to spare you.

Doing this will make her a one-hit kill, or spareable, whichever you decide!

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shoot...im  already  past  the  ruins
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