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Farming Simulator 23: Nintendo Switch Edition
  • Jogo principal: Farming Simulator 23
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  • Lançado pela primeira vez: May 22, 2023
  • Gêneros: Simulator
  • Classificações: PEGI 3, ESRB E

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How to Improve Your Gameplay


Don't Skip the Tutorial

This might seem obvious but make sure to complete the tutorial. This game is very different from your typical farming game. It takes place in a modern, realistic setting, and all the different machines and game mechanics can seem a bit complicated at first glance.

The game has improved its tutorial compared to past games in the series. From the start, you can be guided through the basics of farming, where you will learn how to cultivate, sow, and harvest crops. Take a few minutes to review the tutorial, as it will help you get started.

Utilize the Help Section, and You Wount Get Stuck as Much

There's a useful help section in the menu that covers most of the game mechanics. If you're unsure how something works, I recommend looking at it. The tutorial and help sections won't tell you everything. That's why I recommend you keep reading this guide for more tips.

Sell Some of Your Starting Equipment

One of my first tips is to sell some of your starting equipment. You start with everything you need to harvest grain crops, including three tractors, one cultivator, a cedar, a trailer, a harvester, and a header for your harvester.

While you can make it work with the starting equipment, you will find that accomplishing anything in your field takes forever because everything is so tiny and inefficient. I recommend replacing some of that equipment. You can sell your cultivator, cedar, header, and even one of your two Massey Ferguson tractors.

At the beginning of the game, I recommend keeping one green tractor and one red tractor. You can sell equipment at the car dealership by driving the vehicles you want to sell between the markers on the ground and selling them that way.

Every penny counts at the beginning of the game, so selling your starting equipment will be worth it.

Be Careful About What You Buy

In this game, you must be careful about what you buy. There is a ton of stuff you can buy, with over 130 vehicles available. Buying a cool machine to harvest grapes or a pickup truck to drive around in can be tempting. However, every activity, from raising animals to cutting trees to growing potatoes, will require a significant investment in the necessary equipment.

Focus on growing crops first and not buying anything new until you know what you're getting into and have the money for all the pieces you need. Here's what I do recommend buying with the money you get from selling your starting equipment:

Get the ConvoFlex 1080 header from Class, which is 10.8 meters wide compared to the 6-meter header you start the game with. This means you'll be able to harvest crops almost twice as fast.

Next, get the Terra Sam C6F cedar from Putinger. This machine cultivates and plants seeds simultaneously, making it twice as fast.

With these purchases, you now have the basics to grow some grain. It's vital to use herbicides and fertilizer properly, as they can increase the yield of your crops by 80%, helping you make more money.

Purchase the Mega 1200 L herbicide sprayer and the Z8-TS 3200 fertilizer spreader from the vehicle shop. Attach them to your tractor and fill them up at the fertilizer tank. Fertilize the field twice during different growth stages, and spray herbicide when weeds are growing. This will give you a yield bonus of 80%.

Sell at the Right Time for much Better Profits

After harvesting, wait for the right season to sell your crops. Don't rush to sell them right away. Go to the price menu and observe the price fluctuations for your crop. Each crop has different price trends. For example, grains tend to go up in price near the end of the year. Store your crops in your silo and wait for the best month to sell them. Once that month starts, look at the current prices to find the location that will buy them at the highest price.

Remember that if you sell too much of a particular crop, its value will decrease. Vary your crops to grow and alternate between the five different grain crops you have the equipment for. Planting only one crop at a time will reduce its value.

Slow Down Time The Default Game Speed is Very Fast

The passage of time works differently in the game. One month in the game is only one in-game day, not 30 days like in other farming games. You can adjust the speed in the settings. By default, it is set to 60x, which is extremely fast. I recommend changing it to a slower speed, such as 5x or even real-time. This way, you'll have enough time to do all the necessary fieldwork within one month.

Once you've completed your tasks for the month, go to your house and sleep to skip to the next month.

Hire AI Workers They Work Efficiently

While you can certainly do everything by yourself and save some money, hiring workers can make tedious tasks more manageable and increase productivity.

Start working on a field and press 'A' to hire someone to do the work automatically. You can even set up workers to load and deliver products. Having workers can make the experience feel less overwhelming and allow you to focus on the tasks you enjoy the most.

Buy Chickens They are Worth More Than You Think

I recommend buying some chickens. Compared to other animals, chickens require a smaller investment. You start the game with a few chickens; caring for them isn't too expensive. You can have up to 30 chickens; the adult ones are only fifty dollars each. Fill up your chicken coop with adult chickens as soon as you can afford it so they can start producing eggs early. Make sure they have food, and any type of grain will work.

To sell the eggs, you'll need a special trailer for pallets. Purchase the PWO24 trailer from the pallet handling section. It costs 29,500. Attach the trailer to your tractor, go near the eggs, and press 'R' and 'A' to fill up the trailer.

Eggs won't make as much money as crops, but they require less work, and you can use the same trailer for other products in the future.

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