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  • Classificações: ESRB M
  • Lançado pela primeira vez: Dec 30, 2022

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How to fish Guias

Fishing can be really difficult to figure out, and if you do it incorrectly, you will waste quite a bit of your time. So before you jump to conclusions on how to fish well, take a step back and work out how to do it, without wasting your time. 

Step 1

Find a sandy shoreline to fish from, there are currently 5 shorelines across the map. Walk to the middle of the river.

Step 2

Currently, there is no fishing rod in the game, it is likely that this tool will be added to the game sometime during beta. Therefore to fish, you will need to use the Multi-tool that you received at the beginning of the game.  

Step 3

Press your usage button, and move your screen pointer around as fast as possible, this will cause ripples in the water, and the ripples will attract different fish. 

Step 4 

Hover over the fish curious fish for a few moments, keeping your pointer over the fish. If you hover over it for some time, the circle around the fish will begin to close around the fish. Once the circle is small tap on a fish, though do not do it more than once. When you tap on a fish 3 times, the fish will become alarmed leave the fishing circle. 

Step 5   

If you tapped on the fish at the right time, your character will grab the fish, a slight animation will play, and the fish is added to your inventory. 

You may notice some fish will randomly have an exclamation mark near them. The exclamation mark indicates that the fish is aware something "fishy" is going on ;). This fish will leave the circle soon, and so you should catch it quickly. 

Rare fish will become aware of you and leave the circle much quicker than common fish. 

Watch Erfan catch some rare fish and show you how to do this.


Easy Contribution Points Dicas

Contribution points can be difficult to gain early in the game and are extremely helpful for your character’s journey. However, because they are such an important element to the game, they are not so simple to claim. 


Fishing is a decent way to gain contribution points, as it does not take too much time and concentration to grab a couple of fish, depending on the rarity/type of fish you. You can exchange each fish for 8-12 Contribution points.


Crafting seems to be the most efficient strategy in the game to gain as many contribution points as you need. Certain crafting methods may be faster than others, but the contribution point range to over 20 points sometimes per craft.

The four options to craft currently are:

Mortar and Presti- A hollow rock with a heavy blunt club used to grind things, such as Wheat.

Fermenter - A wooden container that makes things bubbly and smelly, such as Dough 

Oven- Made out of clay. It can reach high temperatures and cook food for perfection, though sometimes it can burn too. Used to make bread.

Solar Dryer- Quro, with its powerful rays, can dry produce to preserve it better, used to dry certain harvests and fish. 


Farming is one of the main elements of the game and can help you gain many contribution points. Farming is a low effort but takes some time. 

Beetroot, Potatoes, Tomatoes, and Wheat will provide you with an average amount of Contribution points, as these are Tier 1 plants. 

Garlic, Pumpkin, and Quinoa will provide you with nearly double the contributions points than the other plants as these are Tier 2 plants.

Wild items

All Wild Item is worth 5 contribution points, It is preferable to use other methods

Remember the game is still in early access and this may change before the release date in 2022


Character Relationships Guias

Creating relationships with other characters in the game will become essential to your gameplay experience.

When approaching different characters, you can interact with them. Depending on what type of character they are, you will have different dialogues and tasks assigned to them. The Dialogue will play in the form of a chat box popping up with their name.

You can also gift items to NPC's twice a week to develop your reputation with that character. As you develop your friendship with the NPC's a seed icon will show on their character’s profile in chat. 

The greater your friendship is with the character, the lower their prices will go, the better their tasks will become, and you can even marry some of the characters.

Erfan goes over a few other basic tips to know in Roots of Pacha


The Clan of the Cave Bear Ovos de Páscoa

The developers of Roots of Pacha, have put a lot of effort into creating the newest Stone Age simulation game that may seem familiar to "Stone Age Stardew Valley". The game consists of many amazing Characters to interact with. Though the game shares similarities to another world. 

The creator confirmed that the game was inspired by the 1980 famous and controversion book "The Clan of the Cave Bear". A book about prehistoric times, and the first of multiple "Earth Children" books Jean M. Auel wrote. 

The game shares similarities to the book in the interactions between Neanderthal and Magnon humans. 

Iza is the clan medicine woman in Clan of the Bear and Ada is the clan medicine woman of Roots of Pacha, the two share similar traits in their looks as well. 

This can be true for multiple other characters too. 


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