Disciples: Liberation Dicas em PlayStation 5 (PS5)

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. Dicas para Disciples: Liberation em em . PlayStation 5. Os artigos mais dignos de confiança recebem o máximo de "polegares para cima" . dos nossos utilizadores e aparecem mais perto do topo!

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Classes Dicas

Warlord, Hexblade, Seeress, and Witch are the four classes available.

Warlord is the best class to play if you want to deal burst damage at close range. This class’s main purpose is to deal physical damage, which allows you to slay difficult-to-kill enemies.

Seeress is a magical class that relies heavily on skills and spells to defeat opponents.

Hexblade is a class that combines both magic and melee damage. They are a hybrid in that they can deal with both physical and magical damage.

Last but not least, the witch class is largely focused on weakening rivals. This class is favored since it allows enemies to have less potency, lower stats, and die slowly.


Critically Clueless goes through 4 class selections.


The Castle Dicas

This is where you can get resources, recruit allies, train them, and create structures. It will also get you access to more advanced facilities.

In order to update the castle, you must make progress in the main story.

After you have visited two of the starting regions and recruited two companions, you will be able to make the first upgrade.

Because the castle has four levels, you’ll have to return to Yllian after completing a region in Disciples Liberation to check it out. You can double-check if you wish to add new allies if the update is not there.

You can increase Avyanna’s leadership level by upgrading the castle, allowing you to command more units.

The upgrade to the castle is worth divine essence, wood, iron, and gold.



Lilryna Dicas

This can be found in Heurik, a demon-infested land, where we must disguise ourselves as a succubus with healing abilities for allies.

It’s worth noting that succubus slabs are effective allies; Lilryna has the following abilities:

Soul drain deals damage while also healing for 25% of the damage done to the enemy.

She has a seductive charm that raises morale by 2 and also heals HP.

Dangerous beauty causes her to have a demoralizing impact on attackers when she is hit, even giving Lilryna a 10% chance of status evasion.

A sweet kiss confuses enemies and weakens them by lowering their physical resistance.

To find Lilryna, you need to travel south from Heurik when first entering the city, passing a source of health before continuing south. Lilryna can be found by a building with a few statues embedded in a cliff, and by speaking with her, you will learn about a party that you can either join or leave. If you stay in Heurik, you must do as the demons do, which is entering the parties and observing the recruitment process. If you chose to fight Lilryna, you are able to kill her.



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