The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Batoteiros em Playstation 4 (PS4)

Última atualização: 26 de maio de 2024

Aqui estão as nossas Batoteiros para The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth sobre Playstation 4. Os itens mais confiáveis recebem o maior número de "polegares para cima" de nossos usuários e aparecem mais perto do topo!

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Cheat Codes


From the Character Select screen, choose to enter a Seed, and then enter the following codes (including the space) to unlock the desired affects. However, you can't earn trophies with a cheat activated and some cheats might delete your save file.

  • The game will become easier - 1337 HAXR
  • You'll begin with 69 coins, but you'll need to buy any items/pickups - FREE 2PAY or PAY2 PLAY
  • Fallen enemies will leave behind large bloodstains - BL00 00DY
  • Your character will leave tracks made of fecal matter - BRWN SNKE
  • All of the sound effects will become fart sounds instead - FART SNDS
  • Enemies will be permanently stricken with the fear effect - FEAR M1NT
  • Items (though not troll bombs) will mimic Isaac's movements - KEEP AWAY
  • Your character will appear as a brown shadow - CAM0 K1DD
  • Enemies will appear as brown shadows - CAM0 F0ES
  • Your character will be invisible except for the light effects - 1MN0 B0DY
  • Enemies will be invisible - BL1N DEYE
  • If you leave a room and re-enter, enemies will respawn, but items will not - C0ME BACK
  • Enemies will attack one another - C0CK FGHT or CLST RPH0
  • Any enemy with a champion version will become a champion - CHAM P10N
  • Enemies will have permanent concussive effects and move at random - C0NF ETT1
  • The controls will be reversed - DRAW KCAB
  • Collected tarot cards will be facedown - FACE D0WN
  • Enemies will randomly suffer fear effects - FRAI DN0T
  • Your character will be gray - KAPP A
  • The music will slow down as you lose health - HART BEAT
  • Instead of the regular text, pill names and descriptions will appear as "???" - MED1 C1NE
  • You'll be able to break rocks - NFB8 3WSG
  • Doors will stay open, but you can't defeat bosses - PAC1 F1SM or PAC1 F1ST
  • Your character and tears will be black - PTCH BLCK
  • Each 45 seconds, 5 seconds will tick down, after which your character will suffer half a heart of damage - THEG H0ST
  • If you remain idle, you'll take damage - D0NT ST0P
  • Any damage you take will be doubled - HARD HARD
  • If you're idle, the game will go into slow motion, and the music will change depending on your speed - SL0W 4ME2
  • The text will be all mixed up - DYSL EX1C
  • The game will display as if played on a CRT TV - B00B T00B
  • The basement room's tile set will be used in all rooms - BASE MENT
  • "Are You Sure You Want Me To Die?" will appear on every loading screen - 1TEN DSHE or SUPA SWAG

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