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Samurai Warriors 5
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  • Classificações: ESRB M

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Genics Trainer


There are no built-in Cheats for Kingdoms of Samurai Warriors 5. However, you are able to download a "Trainer" for this game that will add your usual cheat functions to the game. 

Adding a Trainer to this game will allow you to use the following cheats. 

Once you have added the Trainer, to start it up press "NUM 0" in game

Press "NUM 1" To enable God Mode (infinite health)


Press "NUM 2" for Infinite Musou

Press "NUM 3 " to maximize your Spirit Guage

Press "NUM 4" to instantly cool down your skills

Press "NUM 5" for Infinite Buff Duration

Press "Num 6" for always Max Combo

Press "Num 7" for Instant Max Kills

Press "Num 8" to reset the Mission Timer

Press "Num 9" to change the Citidal Mode to Max Score

Press "Num 0" for One Hit Kill

Press "Num -" For a Damage Multiplier gauge

Press "Num +" for setting the games speed

Press "CTRL + NUM 1" to bring up a Gold Balance Editor

Press "CTRL + NUM 2" to Change the Gold Multiplyer

Press "CTRL + NUM 3" for Infinite XP

Press "CTRL + NUM 4" to change the XP multiplier 

Press "CTRL + NUM 5" for max weapon mastery

Press "CTRL + NUM 6" for a skill point editor

Press "CTRL + NUM 7" to bring up a stock XP editor

Press "CTRL + NUM 8" to change the stock weapon gauge

Press "CTRL + NUM 9" to edit the Lumber amount

Press "CTRL + NUM 0" to edit the mineral amount

Press "CTRL + NUM 10" to edit the fabric

Press "CTRL + NUM +" for infinite skill gems

The trainer is having things added to it regularly.

This video thoroughly shows you how to enable the trainers cheats. Genics is highly trusted in the community and makes trainers for multiple games.

Tips to always get S Rank


Ninja Blade
Ninja Blade is the strongest weapon to start out with, it is easy to find and get early in the game, and so it is a great tool to find your way in defeating the S Rank. 

Start your game in Musou Mode and play until you can make it to Chapter 2. In Chapter two, start the mission Mayhem in Mikawa. This mission will be where you unlock Hanzo Attori and you can grab the Ninja Blade. 

Once you have the Ninja Blade, head to the blacksmith and craft an 8 slot blank weapon. Preferably you will craft the weapon into the Ravenous Wolf. Once you have the Ravenous Wolf, you will be able to upgrade the weapon with skills freely as you play through the game. 

The 2 skills you will need to absolutely mandatory skills to work on the weapon will be Attack and Attack Speed. These 2 skills will be essential to the power of the weapon, Remember not to rank the weapon too high to ensure other characters can utilize the weapon without too much effort. 

As for the other skill slots, this will depend on your own style, my only suggestion is ranking all skills up at a similar pace. 

Which Character To Max Out
Mitsuhide Akechi and Nobanaga Oda are two characters you will want to pour as many resources and attention into as possible. They are essentially the main characters of the game and so you will spend the majority of your playtime using these characters. 

Start by training the officer, increasing their Weapon Mastery skills, go to the weapon of choice, and raise the rank to at least a B rank. This should be efficient enough to start out with and work on until further in the game 

Some excellent Ultimate Skills to choose from are Phoenix Meteor, Flaming Chariot, and Pride.

As for the other characters, this would be according to your own preferences.

Swillo speaks into the details of how he used these tips to make S Rank easy. And provides an example of playing with it.

Upgrading Weapons


Each equipable weapon will have its own rank. The Rank will be raised from the original rank as you add skills to it. You will need to balance the rank of your weapon and your own weapon proficiency.

As an example, if you have an "A" grade weapon, your weapon proficiency needs to be able to handle an "A" grade or higher weapon.

This means if you end up raising the rank of a weapon too high, when using other characters you may not be able to equip the weapon. 

Hideyoshi and Sena Comparisons

Ovos de Páscoa

Hideyoshi and Sena are the only characters that have their own gameplay shown while they retain the same cloned weapons, this makes them unique. 

You will notice using certain skill sets will create a much more impressive visualization, such Sena's Tornado and Hideyoshi's spell cast markings on the ground. There are many maneuvers to try out with these two characters to find a more impressive movement. 

These two characters also share the longers aerial combo in the game which is 5 strikes in one jump. 

Ultimate Skills


Ultimate Skills are equipable skill additions to each character. Each character has 4 skills to choose from and each Ultimate will have a different effect. 

Pheonix Meteor helps a lot with both damage and crowd control. The Ultimate also has a fast cooldown. 

Flaming Chariot helps with crowd control as well and has more utility and clear situations where it is needed. The skill works best with Nobunaga

Pride help with your attack moves and gives you benefits with your buff since it temporarily increases your attack strengths.

Each character will have a skill that is exclusive to their own character. Usually, the special skill to the character is one that is beneficial to have as your last Ultimate option.

KCZ took a deeper look into the Samurai Warriors world and has some secrets to share that you may have missed

Evil's Demise


One of the Rarest weapons in this game is the Evil's Demise Katana. The weapon’s power is unmatchable and the desire to have a rare weapon is unfathomable.

What you need to do:

You will need to play 2 stages, and each stage will require a specific character. 

For the first stage, you will need to use Kakage Kobayakawa as your main and Nobunaga Oda as a partner in the Battle Of Kozuki Castle. 

Complete the objectives 

Rescue Motosuke Hiraga and Muchiyoshi Kuchiba

Don't let the Oda Army officers reach the escape point

Defeat Shikanosuke Yamanaka

Win the challenge with a minimum of S rank.

Once completing this start the Final Battle for Odani Castle Using Nagamasa Azai as your main and Nobunaga Oda as your partner.

Complete the objectives

Defeat the fireball captains to prevent Kunisada Mitamura from being taken out. 

Defeat Mitsuhide Askechi

Defeat Toshimitsu Soito and Ittetsue Inaba

Prevent Odani Castle Main Ward from falling 

And finally, defeat the unexpected enemy… Nobunaga Oda.

Win the challenge with a minimum of S rank.

Once you have defeated Nobunaga Oda, You will see a bunch of Character Development, but most importantly. You will unlock the S Ranked Evil's Demise Katana.  

SereneGamer shows you the gameplay to follow as he gains the Katana for himself

The Divine Thunder gloves


The Divine Thunder gloves may not seem like the most wanted item in the game, though they are as rare as it comes. There is a reason for this, the gloves include the following skills:

Attack Strength 46

Range, Momentum 8

Fire, Lightning, Verity 7

Attack, Courage, Underdog 6

In order to unlock these gloves you will need to play Chapter 5's Conquest of Kai, and use Yasuke as your Main Character. Complete as many objectives as possible to ensure you keep getting the S rank for the challenge. 

From here head to the Battle of Anegawa River and use Mitsuki as your main, and Nobunaga Oda as your partner. Complete as many objectives as necessary to gain the S rank.

Once completing the Battle of Anegawa River, you will automatically unlock the Devine Thunder Gloves.

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