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King's Bounty II
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Cheat Trainer


While King’s Bounty II does not include a built-in cheat system, there are still ways to add cheats to the game as a way to spice it up a little. Downloading and using a trainer is one of the ways you can add cheats to the game.

We suggest you read up reviews on any trainer or software you add to your system, but MegaDev's all-in-one, Plug'n'Play Trainer Software has worked for multiple users and provides a vast range of cheats to enable.

The MegaDev's all-in-one, Plug'n'Play Trainer provides the following cheats:

  • Set gold (inventory)
  • Set mana (inventory)
  • Set unit count (army screen selected unit)
  • Set unit health (selected unit)
  • Selected unit can attack (0= no, 1 = yes)
  • Selected unit can move (0= no, 1 = yes)
  • Set talent points (inventory)
  • Set experience (inventory)
  • Set unit experience (army screen selected unit)
  • Set honor (inventory)
  • Set magic power (inventory)
  • Set warfare (inventory)
  • Set arcane knowledge (inventory)
  • Fill mana (combat)
  • Can use spellbook (0 = no, 1 = yes)
As a trainer may be difficult to add to the game for an inexperienced user, here is a guide that helps you add cheats for King’s Bounty II.

Selecting Your Character


To embark on your adventure, you must first select one of the three avatars available. Each avatar possesses unique starting abilities and attributes, so choose wisely. Here are the options you can choose from:

  • Aivar the Warrior – This avatar excels in raw combat power and is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. However, Aivar has no magic abilities and relies solely on physical strength.
  • Katharine the Mage – This avatar is a master of magic and can cast powerful spells on the battlefield. With Katharine, you can dominate your enemies with arcane powers.
  • Elisa the Paladin – Though not as strong as Aivar and lacking the magical prowess of Katharine, Elisa can recruit the largest number of units in the shortest amount of time. She is a valuable asset to any army and can turn the tide of battle through sheer numbers.
If you are still unsure of which character to choose - following this guide to the pros, cons, tips, and tricks will assist you.

The Betrayal at Batille Gates


After a long and perilous journey, you've finally reached the Batille gates. The sight of approaching guards fills you with a sense of relief, but it quickly turns into horror as you realize they are not who they seem to be. The guards are actually bandits in disguise, and you're about to face another battle.

Positioning your units and casting spells, you engage in a fierce fight with the bandits. But just as you think it's over, even more enemies appear, threatening to overwhelm you. That's when a miraculous intervention takes place - a dragon and a wizard arrive to aid you in the battle.

After the dust settles, you're treated to some cutscenes that recount how your adventure started in the first place, and you can't help but feel grateful for the unexpected help that arrived just in time.

How to Find the First Missable Loot in King's Bounty 2


Looting boxes and containers are essential in King's Bounty 2 to keep your army well-supplied. Here's how to get your hands on the first missable loot:

  1. Take the Right Fork in the Albian Highlands
  2. During "The Ruins of New Hope" quest, head south in the Albian Highlands and take the path on the right at a forked road.
  3. Find the Abandoned Building
  4. Keep heading up the path until you come across an open doorway between some trees, to the right of a mage named Rossum.
  5. Activate the Secret Lever
  6. On the ground floor of the abandoned building, interact with the chandelier to open a door to the left that was initially disguised as a bookshelf.
  7. Plunder the Secret Room
  8. Enter the newly-found doorway to find a hidden storeroom with 15 Mana, almost 300 Gold coins, and other sellable items.

Your First Battle


In New Tyrene, you will fight a pack of wolves in your first battle in King's Bounty 2. Before you begin, save your progress manually and keep in mind that you can avoid battle entirely. Every unit on the board has an initiative score that governs when it can attack, and moving away from an enemy in a neighboring hex can result in a counterattack. Arcs and magic casters should be placed behind melee units in formation. Don't forget to heal your units after the combat.

Axes and Splinters


In the Axes and Splinters mission, human hunters and dwarven lumberjacks are at odds, and you must choose a side. This task can be located further down the route on the left after your first battle. Before you begin, get some additional units from the nearby Recruiter to augment your army. After then, you must choose a side, dwarves or humans, and wage a battle. Each side will present you with the option of acquiring a new unit type from the same nearby Recruiter.

The Golem Roadblock


After completing Axes and Splinters, you'll come across a bunch of Golems blocking your path back to town. You can disable the force field and ask the magician to disable the golems, or you can fight them. Explore and loot the area to the right of the mage, where a "chandelier" reveals a secret room full of loot, as well as some goodies on the second floor. Cold Bones is another side task you'll encounter.

Cold Bones


After overcoming the Golem roadblock, you'll meet Ancel, a warrior, and discover a rune that initiates the Cold Bones quest. Explore and loot the area until you find three torches and a tablet with a puzzle to ignite them in the correct order. When facing the tablet, light the torches in the following order: right, left, and center. When you light the candles, a doorway opens, and you'll encounter a friendly Skeleton named Berengarius. You must travel into town and replenish the strength of protecting runes that are fading. Following that, it's time to deal with the cause of the corruption: a swarm of unpleasant zombies in the graveyard.

Witch Stone


As you and Ancel run down the road, you'll be ambushed by a Marauder who runs into a neighboring building. Speak with a local recruiter and obtain as many recruits as you can afford. Speak with the Marauder, and he'll inform you that he's trapped in the tower under the spell of a witch. As you progress inside the building, you'll notice some crystals on the ground; each of these crystals has a dais nearby where you need to set it. Once you've placed all of the crystals, a gateway will open, and you'll meet the witch, who will assign you a mission to wipe out a neighboring bandit camp.

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