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Batota, códigos de jogo, desbloqueáveis, dicas, dicas, ovos de páscoa, falhas, guias de jogo, passagens, capturas de ecrã, vídeos e mais para F1 22 em em . Playstation 4.

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  • Lançado pela primeira vez: Jun 30, 2022

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Cheat Trainer Batoteiros

F1 22 does not come with a built-in cheat system, but there are ways to add tricks to the game to give it a little extra boost. Downloading and using a trainer is one way to add cheats to the game.

Before installing any trainers or software, we urge you to read reviews; nonetheless, MegaDev's all-in-one Plug'n'Play Trainer has been tried and tested by many users and provides a wide range of cheats to enable.

The MegaDev Trainer provides the following cheats:

  • Modify Opponents Max Gear 
  • Modify Players Max Gear
  • Add Money (my team)
  • Add Money (career)
  • Add resource points
  • Add team reputation/acclaim (my team)
  • Fuel never runs out (min 1l)
  • Player infinite ERS
  • Fuel +10l (during race)
  • Player Brakes don't overheat
  • Player perfect tires
  • Player Super Grip
  • AI bad tires
  • AI No Grip
As a trainer may be challenging to add to the game for an inexperienced user, here is a guide that helps you add cheats for F1 22.

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Look behind you Dicas

Make it a habit to glance back occasionally during races to help you decide your strategy. If you notice that vehicles are closing in on your position, you must drive strategically; if you are far ahead and there are no nearby competitors, you can concentrate solely on yourself and the track.


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Audi F1 car Ovos de Páscoa

According to EA and Codemasters, players and fans of Formula 1 will be able to drive an Audi F1 car in F1 22 four years before the real one, which won't be available until early 2026. Audi announced their F1 entry in August 2022 and unveiled a show car with a unique Audi F1 launch livery. With the most recent upgrade, EA and Codemasters have perfectly replicated this display car digitally and incorporated it into F1 22.

Starting with the 2026 season, Audi is expected to collaborate with the Swiss racing team Sauber to participate in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship. Sometime in 2025, testing will start.


Casper Akkerman Ovos de Páscoa

The game features the iconic Casper Akkerman from F1 2021 braking point. A Mercedes AMG gt black series, Aston Martin, 720S, McClaren Artura, and Ferrari roamer are just some of the cars you will come across when viewing what he has. His space includes nice decor such as a yellow lounge suite and gold accent. It’s evident that this retired F1 driver is clearly loaded.

Checkout Casper’s space for yourself in this video walkthrough while visiting player


Learning the tracks Dicas

Using the Time Trial option in F1 22 where you can race against a player's ghost who has a faster time than you on the track is the best method to become familiar with the tracks. You will have an edge if you are familiar with the different tracks you are competing on. Your ability to race will be maximized by knowing where DSR activation locations are.


Use the Correct Tires Dicas

Make sure your automobile has the correct tires, especially on a wet track where one error while traveling at high speeds might result in catastrophe. There is no one optimum tire to use, thus it is advisable that you drive sensibly rather than recklessly and bear in mind that there are tradeoffs with each of the options available to you.

The correct tires are extremely important, this guide will take you through tire advice as well as some other in-game tips


Speed up Dicas

If you want your car to drive quicker, you should consider the following factors in comparison to the previous year's game because the driving behavior of the newly constructed Formula One car has altered.

  • Be careful not to button-bash as you accelerate (the cars are sensitive in F1 22).
  • Use none of the driving aids. Driving is easier with traction control and ABS, but you always go slower with them.
  • Turn off the racing line; it serves no purpose.
  • Test out the five pre-set automobile setups and tweak the different parts to your liking.
To get the most out of the game and learn just which assists to turn off, this guide will take you through step by step as well as provide some other useful game help


Keep your cool Dicas

A race requires perseverance the entire time. Similar to starting from the back of the pack, being overly enthusiastic early in the race will usually result in you losing valuable time. It is only ideal to try to pass everyone on the first lap if you can keep that advantage throughout the entire race. To minimize the chance of losing your lead, it is much smarter to maintain control of it throughout the race and to take the lead as late as possible.


Laps of Formation Guias

You will undoubtedly have allotted time for the formation lap before the race starts. This is there to help you become accustomed to the track so that there are no serious accidents or injuries, but you can also use it to your advantage.

F1 22 accommodates the updated tire regulations from the actual 2022 timeframe. That means the ideal temperature for your tires is between 80 and 100 degrees, so they can only start at 70 degrees. The development lap can be used to weave and accelerate on the track to get all of your tires to the ideal temperature. Your car will become more secure as a result of the improved tire grip.

To master formation mode, this guide will teach you in 60 seconds


Take Off Guias

You'll be drawn to launch as soon as the starting lights come on and your engine is properly prepared to get in front of the pack. Only problems will result from this. Early acceleration will only prevent your tires from gaining a solid grip and result in you drawing out on the track.

To stand up and accelerate properly, you must gradually increase your speed, neither too quickly nor too slowly. By doing this, you and your car will become accustomed to the high speeds you'll need to reach, and your tires will be able to grip the road properly. When you have these things, you can put all your effort into competing for first place, but you shouldn't ever start from scratch with this goal.

Perfecting the take-off is key to doing well in the rest of the race and literally starting off on the right foot


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