DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT Ovos de Páscoa em Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Memorial Spots

Ovos de Páscoa

Several classic Dragon Ball moments can be relived by finding the collectible memorial spots that show you recaps from the original Dragon Ball. You can buy information about the memorial spot locations from Baba, but if you need help finding any (or if you want help finding Baba), the video below shows them all.

Re-fighting bosses special dialogue

Ovos de Páscoa

If you use the Dragon Balls to revive bosses and fight them again, they have new dialogue referencing their confusion about being back and what’s going on.

Dragon Ball references

Ovos de Páscoa

There are numerous references and nods to the Dragon Ball franchise beyond the events actually covered in the game itself.

  • Several characters from Dragon Ball who don’t play a role in the Dragon Ball Z story appear in supporting roles.
  • When Goku and Gohan go fishing with their tails, this is a reference to the very start of Dragon Ball, where Goku fishes that way.
  • Numerous NPCs reference someone named Mark, without any explanation given for who Mark is. This is a reference to Mr. Satan, as Akira Toriyama said in interviews that Mr. Satan’s real name is Mark.
  • Android 21 appears undercover, with her name not revealed for fans who don’t know who she is.
  • Vegeta appears in the intermission wearing his Badman shirt.
  • Similarly, the driving section of the game is a nod to an episode that focus on driving.

The Simpsons reference

Ovos de Páscoa

When Krillin puts on his armor and says “Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all,” this is a reference to Flanders from the Simpsons episode Little Big Mom.

Professor Oak

Ovos de Páscoa

There is a Capsule Corporation employee who bears an uncanny resemblance to Professor Oak from the Pokemon series.

Dr. Slump characters

Ovos de Páscoa

Arale and Gatchan, the characters involved in the time machine quest, are actually characters from Akira Toriyama’s older series, Dr. Slump. After Dr. Slump ended, Toriyama eventually tied them into Dragon Ball Z as a crossover.

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