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Using The Wemod Trainer To Cheat Batoteiros

Even though City of Gangsters doesn't have a built-in cheat system, there are ways to add cheats to the game to give it a little extra flavor. One method to include cheats in the game is to download and use a trainer.

Although the WeMod trainer has been tested by many users and supports Steam, we still advise you to read reviews before installing any trainer or software.

The following cheats are provided by the WeMod Trainer:


  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Movement Points
  • Unlimited Action Points
  • Unlimited XP
  • Unlimited Favors


  • Edit Money
  • Edit Stored Money
  • Max Storage Space
  • Enemies
  • One-Hit Kills


  • Set Game Speed

Enable Cheats Console

These are the methods to activate developer mode if you wish to utilize cheats.

  • In the Omerta directory, create a folder called "Data."
  • Make a text document called "cheatfix.lua" that is blank.
  • Open the autorun.lua file and put this line of code: Put the following line of code in the autorun.lua file: AreCheatsAvailable = function() return true end
  • Play and appreciate the cheats we'll provide you.

This section was the most challenging part; you will see a video tutorial at the end of the cheat list if you don’t understand the instructions. Now it’s time to enjoy the easy part. Cheats are now available and usable in-game.

Press Alt+F4 to quit developer mode if you're having trouble exiting.

Full List of City of Gangsters Cheats

Simply enter the following hacks into the pause menu:

  • chbigdeal: +20K dirty and clean cash
  • chsecretstash: +150 storage, 50 beer, liquor, and also firearms
  • chfearme: maxes out fear rating
  • chfancysuit: maxes out like rating
  • charmsrace: adds all weapons to inventory
  • chfeellucky: wins a tactical mission
  • chcementshoes: loses a tactical mission
  • chfullhouse: unlocks all henchmen
  • chplayground: unlocks all districts
  • chdrycity: wins current district
  • chding [value]: level up to level [value] (this cheat doesn’t work for us)
  • Most of these cheats are repeatable, that is, you can get infinite money if you use the money to cheat unlimitedly


Check out this video instruction by the YouTuber Mamuharam and find the answers you need if you still need help activating the hacks or just want to make sure they function.


The Building Blocks Of An Empire Dicas

Educate yourself about the different types of basic alcohol that you can make at the beginning of the game, such as homemade beer, hard cider, brick wine, and moonshine. Research how to produce each recipe and locate ingredients!



Relationships In Business Dicas

Social currency is very important, and managing relationships with people and businesses will be critical to spreading your influence. Embrace the benefits of a positive relationship and the pitfalls of a negative one.



Managing Troublemakers Dicas

Throughout your campaign, you will come across NPC troublemakers regularly. These small-time operators can be found all over the city, separate from rival gangs. Discover how these troublemakers can cause both problems and opportunities for your team.



Personalities And Characteristics Dicas

Everyone you meet in the city will have between 1 and 3 personality traits. Your style of play will have an impact on their behavior, social relationships, and personal capabilities. Consider those characteristics and personalities; they can greatly affect your gameplay.



Combat And Weapons Dicas

As you expand your criminal empire, you'll encounter troublemakers and compete with rival gangs. Consider taking the diplomatic approach, but you may need to resort to violence on occasion. Obtain weapons early on to survive encounters.



Managing A Business Dicas

Businesses must become central to your economy. Each business has a legal side or cover, as well as space in the back to set up an operation of your choosing. Buy companies and set up the various types of backroom operations available to you as soon as possible.



Automating Your Deliveries Dicas

Familiarize yourself with the automatic delivery system to streamline your resource production and distribution. This includes staying up to date with information about customizing deliveries, managing vehicle fleets, and maintaining vehicles.



Territory And Fronts Dicas

Fronts are a very important part of territory control. Create a front and fund it with extortion and front subversion. Positioning fronts on strategic corners will allow you to hire a larger crew and generate additional revenue.



A Brief Overview Of City Maps Dicas

Each city on the Gangsters map has its own distinct geography, zoning, and nationality concentration. Certain maps have exclusive resources to use, skills to learn, and gameplay mechanics to discover. Discover every map you can and explore them during your campaigns.



Creating Your Legacy Dicas

Throughout your campaign, you'll be working to complete a variety of goals in four categories. Examine these end-game objectives and how they will contribute to your legacy after Prohibition ends in 1933.



Beginners Guide Guias

There are three map files available: Chicago, Detroit, and Pittsburgh, although there haven't been any noticeable changes in how well any of the maps perform so far. Due to the possibility of receiving bonuses for matching nations, your nationality does have a slight impact. Decide what suits you best here. Select a photo and name that reflect your personality. Your starting skill is arguably the most significant factor here. As you can see, there are several options available. The following four things have been discovered to be helpful:

Getting territorial lowers the initial cost of a front. It shortens the time it takes for a front to dominate a nearby corner, making it a valuable talent if you want to expand quickly.

Nice building you’ve got there; it cuts the price of purchasing a new controlled building by 20% and minimizes the amount of heat you have to deal with from the police. To construct illicit businesses like breweries, distilleries, and speakeasies, controlled buildings are required. 

Protection rackets reduce the owner's annoyance and increase your total earnings per racket. Your fronts are financed in part by your protection rackets.

Street Brawler: Increase your non-firearms-related damage and hit probability. This talent won't aid you much in the early stages of the game, but it may be quite useful as you advance and come across more gangs and hooligans.

Once you are satisfied with your selections, click Start.

Checking your safehouse should be your first action after loading the game. The gray corner outlines help identify this particular structure. To make it simpler to locate future-controlled buildings, you will see they all have the same gray border outline.

To view what your legal business is making, click on your safe house. Each game begins differently, and you can only construct two of the four or more backroom beginning activities. vs. what unlawful enterprises you can start If you want a simple start to the game, just keep reloading until you find a company that makes anything you can utilize to make illicit booze.

Here is an illustration of a strong opening match.  As you can see, there is a fruit stand here that cranks out 8 barrels of grape concentrate every seven turns. The backroom brick wine operation needs the grape concentrate, therefore you'll need to make sure it's available for you to construct.

Since this game is turn-based, you may take your time learning what is needed. 

You'll also see that starting your first illegal backroom business would set you back anywhere from $600 to $1000. As a result, you only have $150 to play with when you first start the game. Let's inspect your storage to see what you might be able to sell.

Typically, you receive a few different types of booze to sell and use the proceeds to purchase your first backroom business.

The next step is to determine whether someone is truly searching to purchase the alcohol you have to offer.

You may accomplish this in two distinct ways.

Driving around to each business and looking at what they are buying is one option, but that will cost you movement points, and you won't know whether you are carrying the proper booze with you.

The second method is to choose the sort of alcohol you have and check to see whether anybody is purchasing by clicking on resource overlays in the top left corner.

If venues appear, proceed there and make as much money as you can; if not, you'll need to drive around to other establishments and approach them.

A great piece of advice is to ask the owner for a 20% price increase if you have any standing with him. On this screen, the standing is displayed at the top.


ValkorumQ shows a beginners guide for the game City of Gangsters.


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