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Atlas Fallen
  • Categoria: Jogo principal
  • Lançado pela primeira vez: Aug 9, 2023
  • Gêneros: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
  • Temas: Action, Fantasy, Mystery
  • Classificações: PEGI 12, ESRB T

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How to Find Evasive Burst


There are tons of Essence Stones to collect. These stones are magical objects that empower the Gaunlet Bearer with new abilities and effects. Evasive Burst is one of the most effective Essence Stones at the beginning of the game.

Evasive Burst is a tier 1 damage Essence Stone that creates a shockwave after every dodge roll or air dash. The stone is a great tool for taking out enemies while avoiding damage and has an incredible aerial damage effect for a player. 

This Essence Stone can be found in the Forbidden Lands, the northern part of Caladria, and west of the ruined city walls. The Essence Stone is located in a chest box under wooden scaffolding on the top of a roof.

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How to Get Unlimited Healing


The Idol of Wound has a healing power that allows you to regain significant health when you get hit. The Idol of Wound can be found in the Caladrias Region of the Eastern Desert Graveyard.

You must go to the Eastern Desert Graveyard to get the idol and find the traveling vendor. Talk to the vendor, and he will give you a list of items you may purchase. The Wound Idol is the first idol on his list, and he sells the idol for 1250 gold coins.

Purchase the idol from him, and you will then be able to regain a significant amount of health after your enemy attacks you in a fight. The idol's additional health will sustain you through battle and help you overcome boss battles.

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Weapons Guide


  • This multi-dimensional fighting game requires you to consider your choice of armory, weaponry, essence stones, and idols. When fighting against enemies, there are several game mechanisms that you must master to be effective.
  • You can use three primary weapons: the Sandwip, Dune Cleaver, and Knuckleduster. Each of these weapons has its advantages and disadvantages. You must choose a primary and secondary weapon to use in battle.
    You are free to use any combination of the three weapons. All of them are viable together in a combination. The Sandwip is one of the preferred weapons of the three; it has the most range and highest momentum gain.
  • Momentum is a core combat mechanism which is represented by a blue bar. As you hit enemies, your momentum bar increases. Momentum powers a shatter ability, special attacks, and abilities from essence stones.
    Building momentum is a crucial part of the game mechanisms, as you need special abilities and attacks to damage enemies. Using the Sandwip as a primary weapon comes at the cost of dealing the least damage.
  • The Knuckleduster deals the most impact damage and has the fastest attack speed, but you need to be close to your enemy to be effective. Fighting near your opponent means that they also can inflict severe damage.
  • Using the Dune Cleaver as a weapon is slower than the Knuckledust, but it allows you to add some range between you and your enemy. The Dune Cleaver has both a hammer and ax attack. 
    The hammer and ax have special statistics and uses. A hammer attack has a high impact and will knock back enemies, canceling their attack action. Larger enemies have independent body parts highlighted in red; you’ll need to destroy them to kill an enemy. 
    The blast effect from your hammer attack is effective against independent body parts. The blast attack damages all areas of your enemy armor, not just the main section where your hammer makes contact.
  • A weapon combination of the Dune Cleaver and Knuckledust is effective for dealing damage but lacks momentum gain and is vulnerable to damage. A combination of the Sandwip and Dune Cleaver is a well-balanced attacking combination. However, it lacks the speed of the Knuckledust.
  • Each weapon has a unique attack that players can activate. First, You must use two attack moves with a weapon and then a third attack from a different weapon. Combining two Sandwip attacks followed by a Knuckledust attack creates a downward punch attack.
    Armory is also an important aspect of your attacking game. You can’t be close to an enemy without strong armor. Your armor's power level must be relative to your enemy's armor level. 
  • Fighting enemies that have a stronger armor power level than your own is difficult. Upgrading your armory to the highest level will increase your chances of destroying any enemies you may come across.
    Five armory statistics can evaluate the overall strength of your armor: recovery, offense, defense, fortune, and shatter. There is an additional stat bonus, which increases the strength of your armor.
  • You must equip the required essence stone to activate an additional stat bonus. You can find essence stones hidden in chests around the map. Every armor upgrade also offers a perk token, which can be used to unlock passive skills that give you a boost.

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How to Improve Your Gameplay


Use The Traveling Vendor

You will encounter a traveling vendor throughout your journey. The traveling vendor is identifiable through his kite that flies in the sky; search the heavens for his kite, and you’ll quickly find him.

The traveling vendor is useful in many ways; you can purchase rare items and idols from him. The traveling vendor will also purchase artifacts from you and pay a higher price for particular items.

Explore the Hidden Map

The world map area is expansive and is filled with hundreds of hidden chests and essence stones. Explore all areas of the map in search of shiny white artifacts and open chests.

Selling artifacts to vendors is one of the easiest ways to make money in the game. You can then use the money to upgrade your weapons and armor.

Parry Before Hitting Ground

Jumping between high buildings and ancient ruins is a big part of the game. Falling from high up will cause fall damage or even kill you. If you fall from a tall building, use your parry ability right before you hit the ground to avoid fall damage. 

Follow Shiny Animals

You will encounter different animals and enemies throughout your journey. If you come across an animal with a shiny gold sparkle, slowly follow the animal. When the animal looks down to the ground, it drops an item you can collect.

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