Fortnite Bytes Quests Walkthrough and Tips – Tune that TV!

Última atualização: 17 de outubro de 2022

Want to get your hands on all variations of the bytes harvesting tool? Here’s our full walkthrough of the Bytes quests, all the dialogue and the easy ways we found to complete them!

Bytes Quests Parts 1 – 8 Walkthrough Video

Part 1.1 – Tune the TV while wearning the Bytes Outfit

THE NOTHING: We see you’re finally prepared to face your fate. But first, you must prove yourself.

Part 1.2 – Damage opponents with EvoChrome Weapons.

The quickest way to complete this quest is to land near the Herald, get yourself an EvoChrome shotgun and an EvoChrome burst rifle and take her on from a distance. Every time she spawns 2 chromed wolves you can easily keep them at bay with a shotgun and they drop ammo when defeated. The Herald is also a pretty poor shot, so you can keep this battle raging for a while and get lots of EvoChrome damage dealt to opponents.

Quick way to get to 2500 damage is to take on the Herald and her wolves with EvoChrome weapons

Part 2.1 – Tune the TV while wearning the Bytes Outfit

THE NOTHING: The same forces that will destroy the others will raise you up. Will you continue? You do not question who we are. Or why we have chosen you. Is it because you already know..?

Part 2.2 – Drive 5000 m in a Chromed Vehicle

Land at Chonkers speedway. Get yourself a Whiplash with offroad tyres. Drive to the nearest chromed part of the map and harvest some chrome splash. Throw it at that whiplash and off you go. You can easily drive 5000m in one match if you follow the roads and refuel and nobody shoots out your tyres 🙂

Driving a chromed Whiplash with offroad tyres. It goes everywhere… fast…

Part 3.1 – Tune the TV while wearning the Bytes Outfit

THE NOTHING: Your lack of fear is encouraging. Are you willing to give yourself to the unknown? We know your thoughts. How you feel different now. Hollow and afraid. But under that is something new. A growing hunger… Will you continue?

Part 3.2 – Pass through Chromed structured in different named locations

Start somewhere chromed already and harvest a bunch of chrome splash. You can then quickly move around the map, get to the locations listed, splash and wall and phase through. It’s possibly to accomplish this in 2 matches. 1 if your’re really quick and lucky!

Part 4.1 – Tune the TV while wearning the Bytes Outfit

THE NOTHING: You are the first in generations to survive this journey, but there is more to come. You are capable… But we’re seeking a Warrior. Will you continue?

Part 4.2 – Search 20 Chromed Chests

The quickest way to accomplish this is to land near the Herald, open a few of the already chromed chests and then harvest yourself a load of chrome splash. Chrome yourself, zoom around the map and find normal chests that you can chrome splash to turn them into chromed chests and open them. If you’re lucky enough to find some keys, head to a vault. There are normally 4 or 5 chests inside each one that you can splash to get this quests complete doublequick.

Part 5.1 – Tune the TV while wearing the bytes outfit

THE NOTHING: You feel your identity slipping away. Do not resists. You will be rewarded. To continue past this point is to lose everything you knew and everything you were. Will you continue?

Part 5.2 – Deal 2500 Damage to Chromed Wildlife

The Herald to the rescue again. Don’t search the whole map for wildlife and chrome it. Just get into a fight with the Herald and everytime she spawns chromed wolves you get get loads of damage quickly to complete this part of the quest.

Part 6.1 – Tune the Tv While Wearing the Bytes Outfit

THE NOTHING: You’ve finally let go. Good. Let us continue. This is your last chance. Proceed, and your fate will forever echo within ours.

Part 6.2 – Eliminate 20 opponents at a chromed named location

No easy way to complete this except for maybe playing team rumble and hoping that the circle puts you around a named location. You simply have to defeat 20 opponents inside on of the chromed locations on the map.

Part 7.1 – Tune the TV While Wearing the Bytes Outfit

THE NOTHING: You made the right choice. But then again, you can’t stop, can you? Your true journey begins now. Claim the ultimate prize.

Part 7.2 – Chrome 10 opponents

Whilst this might seem like a pain. You can actually chrome the same opponent more than once. Enter the Herald. Go to her sanctum and get a load of chrome splash by harvesting walls and other objects. Then go up top and simply chrome her repeatedly. Job done!

Part 8.1 – Tune the TV While Wearing The Bytes Outfit

THE NOTHING: Be always vigilant. When we have need of you, you will be summoned.

Part 8.2 – DONE

There’s nothing to do here. You are automatically awarded the last style of the Bytes chrome harvesting tool.