PS4 at Top of Japanese Hardware Chart by a Huge Margin

Media Create is a Japanese research and publishing firm that keeps track of console sales in Japan. Its estimates are highly reliable and are generally thought to give a good idea of how things stand in the gaming market. They just release the chart for last week’s sales, which includes data from the PS4. It’s […]

322,083 Sales for PS4 in Its First Two Days in Japan

Well, we’ve been waiting to hear how the PS4 sold following its release in Japan, and now we’ve got some numbers. According to the data gathered by Famitsu, the PS4 sold 322,083 units in Japan across its first two days. That’s pretty impressive. To provide a comparison, the PS3 only sold 88,443 units in its […]

PS4 Sold Out at Japanese Retailers

Everyone’s eyes were on Japan when the PlayStation 4 launched this past week, and when it didn’t immediately sell out, some people panicked. Well, you can stop panicking—Japanese sales of the PS4 are going strong, and it has begun to go out of stock at major retailers, including Amazon Japan, Edion, Rakuten, and Yodobashi Camera. […]

PS4 Launch in Japan Will Strengthen its Lead

In terms of sales the PS4 has been ahead of the Xbox One for quite some time now, with a significant gap between the two, and today, we expect it to widen even further. The PS4 got its lead before it was released in Japan. That release occurred today—and so far, the response has been […]

PS4 Becomes Japanese Best-Seller on Amazon

Almost immediately after its launch in Japan, the PS4 hit the top of Amazon’s Japanese best-seller list. We’re talking about the console alone, without the camera—the version bundled with the camera didn’t make it nearly as far, and came in around 12th place. On the other hand, when it comes to multiplatform game sales, more […]

PS4 Launches in Japan

It’s time—the PS4 just launched in Japan. A large crowd was present for the official launch, which was streamed for the world to watch live as well. Japanese musicians, actors, and more gave messages throughout the event. SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, SCE Japan and Asia President Hiroshi Kawano, and Sony Computer Entertainment CEO […]

Japanese Market Interested in PS4, Not so Much in Xbox One

We’re just two days away from the launch of the PlayStation 4 in Japan. With the high sales numbers Sony has seen for the console already, we’ve been wondering just how much of an impact the Japanese release will have. Well, if the data from Google Trends is any indication, it should give sales quite […]

Localization of Yakuza 5?

One of the most devastating things fan of a series can hear is that the next entry will not be brought to their country. That happened to fans of Sega’s Yakuza series, when Yakuza 5 released in Japan in 2012 and never went any further. Sega recently bought Atlus, and since Atlus has a history […]

New PS4 Update May Coincide With Japanese Launch

Fans have been wondering about when the next update for the PS4 would be released, especially with the rumor that it would implement support for the Pulse Headset. According to an inside source at Sony courtesy of IGameResponsibly.com, update 1.6 will is set for February 22, the same date as the launch of the PS4 […]

Xbox One launching in Japan between February and June 2014

The Xbox One has a not-quite-so-worldwide release date of November 22 for the United States and some European countries (full list below), but when’s it coming out in Japan? Some time between February and June 2014 apparently. Microsoft broke the (painful) news at a press event recently held in the land the Playstation was born, […]