A “Series of Massive Significance” Coming to PS4

Última atualização: 20 de fevereiro de 2014


Stay alert—something big is coming to the PS4.

The latest edition of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK claims that their cover for next month will be “one of the most exciting in OPM history, with a series of massive significance finally being confirmed for PS4.”

If it’s as significant as they believe, it sounds like we’ll have some exciting PS4 news for you in a month. What do you think this “series of massive significance” could be? We’ve heard a lot of rumors lately, and the wording of this announcement has caused a ton of speculation.

Is the Crash Bandicoot leak true? Is it a new Jak and Daxter game? Mass Effect? Whatever it is, we’re excited to find out. Chime in with your theories and stay tuned for an update as soon as we learn more.