Resident Evil Village Enemies, Story Hints

Última atualização: 17 de outubro de 2020

The trailers for Resident Evil Village have left fans with many questions about what will happen in the newest Resident Evil game, as discussed in our overview after the announcement trailer, and now Capcom has revealed a few more details regarding things seen in the second trailer. The latest issue of Famitsu includes a feature on Resident Evil Village, as well as a short interview with the game’s producers, and the details have been translated on Twitter by Alex Aniel.

First, it has now been confirmed that Chris is the one who takes Ethan to the mountain village, although we still don’t know why. Chris’s motivations and role in the story remain a mystery.

More light has been shed on the village itself, which is a major part of the game. The producers describe the village and the villagers as having as much presence in the game as the protagonists. So what’s going on in this strange village? There seems to be some sort of cult living there and praying for protection, and their motivations may also be an important part of the story. It also appears that the creatures are protecting them. These creatures, while not able to speak, are intelligent enough to work together as a pack and use weapons. They should prove to be dangerous foes for players to face.

The interview also draws attention to a new character who references window-shopping, suggesting he is trying to sell something to Ethan. Fans of the series will immediately draw comparisons to the merchant in Resident Evil 4, who sold weapons and supplies to Ethan. Although the producers did not directly confirm that he is a merchant, they said he is “someone Ethan’s life will depend on.” Of course, the presence of a merchant-like character suggests the game may take more of an action-oriented focus like Resident Evil 4, making such a vendor necessary. Although the series had shifted to action horror for several entries, Resident Evil 7 saw the return of a more traditional survival horror experience, albeit one in first-person.

A mysterious shaman woman and Mia’s picture book, which depicts events similar to those happening in the village, will be important as well.

Right now, the story of Resident Evil Village seems to be quite unusual compared to the usual tone of the series, but there is still a lot we don’t know. Resident Evil Village is due out in 2021 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC.