PS4 game data install order can be altered dynamically

Última atualização: 6 de agosto de 2013


Tidbits of information concerning many of the PS4’s “smaller features” continue to dribble out, the latest concerning the order in which game data is downloaded and installed on your console. You can check out our previous coverage on the matter here (including an overview).

Based on the popularity of particular parts of a game (i.e. single versus multiplayer, or one racing track versus another) the order in which specific game data is downloaded and installed onto your console (whether from the Playstation Network, or from Blu-Ray) can be changed, and it can be done on-the-fly.

Speaking to The Guardian, Evolution Studios’ Scott Kirkland had the following to say:

If we recognize that a majority of people take a particular path through the game that we didn’t anticipate, we could dynamically modify the default order that the digital version of the game gets pulled down in – and actually, that same technique could apply to how the data is pulled off the Blu-ray as well. We can continue to make the experience better for the player.

And if you’re not content to let someone else do all the thinking/work, the option is also there to choose specific parts to install first yourself. Like if you hate single player and wanna jump straight online – install multiplayer first.

It seems like more small features and benefits of the Playstation 4, much like this, continue to come to light as we get closer to the eventual launch of the console (exact release date still unconfirmed, by the way). Wonder what’s next…