Arkham Knight Has Multiple Stories and a Living World

Última atualização: 25 de março de 2014


Excitement surrounds the recently-announced Batman: Arkham Knight, so we’re pleased to have a few more details for you. This time, our information comes from the game’s feature story in the Official Xbox Magazine, as reported by a user on the official WB Games forums.

According to writer and director Sefton Hill, Arkham Knight will not have the typical format of a single main story with many other side stories and missions. Instead, Rocksteady plans to have multiple intersecting stories that are all interesting in their own right.

He also hinted that loose ends from Arkham City may be followed up on. Perhaps we’ll see Hush after all, even if he isn’t the title villain.

The story commented on some other details in the game, such as how much Gotham City feels like a real city, and how there is no mini-map when you use the Batmobile (to make sure you focus your attention on the road). We’ve heard a lot of the rest before, from the beautiful rain effects to the power of the Batmobile, but feel free to check out the full post if you want to know more.

Arkham Knight looks pretty cool so far. What do you think?