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Last Updated: July 25, 2022
WRC 10
  • First Released: Sep 1, 2021

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I would encourage you to use Driver-assist while you are learning the mechanics of the game. The game has many aspects to it, as a beginner, this will become overwhelming and frustrating. 

Driver-assist is an option you can use in the game that will ease a few components and allow you to concentrate on becoming better at the many other aspects of the game.

Though this may feel like "training wheels" it really is there to help you enjoy the game and make it less of a displeasing experience, as you become better at the game, you can opt-out of the driver-assist option. 

There are many smaller tips you may find very helpful when you're starting out with WRC. Traxion goes over 10 tips you may need to know.

Left 7?

Easter Eggs

While driving on Finland (Rally Finland). There is a chance that once you are about halfway through the circuit on a time trial your co-driver will say Left 7.

The call-outs from your co-driver will usually only go from 1-6. You will even have the pop-up of an arrow pointing slightly left with a 6.

Although a racer will usually not need to concern over a turn higher than 6, this call-out does exist in WRC. The call is only ever made on this circuit.

Almad catches the co-driver in action making the left 7 call

Listen to the Co-Driver


Understanding your co-driver and their pace notes will be critical within the game. The Co-driver will help you understand what is ahead of you and what to do when. They will be able to give you information that will prevent you from driving off track, and help you stay ahead.

As you start out, you may feel the need to ignore the co-driver as you have 100 other things to do. It may feel like you are multitasking, and this can be daunting for a beginner. The more you play, the easier it will be to understand all the numbers and information they provide.

Understanding and hearing your co-driver will become a big help. You can change the language of the driver in the settings to help you understand them best. You should also change the Co-Driver timing setting to a time that will fit you best

Co-Driver Call Meanings (Pacenotes)


Understanding each call out is vital, though this can be confusing. Gathering an understanding of the pace notes will mean the difference between a win, and 4th place. Here are a few basic calls to look out for. 

Left/Right turn with a Number.

While driving and approaching a turn on the circuit, your co-driver will let you know what is ahead of you. They will call "Left 4" or "Right 1" as an example. There is a popular misconception that the number they call is the gear you should be in. 

The direction is easy to understand. If they call out a Left, there will be a left turn ahead. If they call out Right, there will be a right turn ahead.

The numbers 1 through 6 are informing you of how heavy the curve on the turn is. 

Left/Right 1: This will mean you have a really tight corner. The pop-up you have on your screen will be red as this will indicate you need to slow down heavily. 

Left/Right 6: This will indicate there is a slight curve ahead. The arrow will be green indicating that you do not need to slow down for this. 

The numbers 2-5 are all in between. The lower the number the sharper the turn. 

You may get calls without a numbers 

HP: Hair Pin is a corner an extremely tight corner that is going to require you to use your handbrake. This could be close to a 180-degree turn.

SQ: Square will mean it is a 90-degree turn to the direction he calls.

FL: Flat will indicate that you are able to drive into the turn at full throttle.

There are more complex calls than above. I have linked a video that explains each driver’s call out that will pop up on your screen.

Use Your Lights and Wipers


There is an option to use your Lights and Wipers in the game. Many players will see these as gimmicks rather than handy tools. However, these can be useful in certain circuits as your screen can be full of mud. 

Although you will comfortably be able to see the road ahead through the mudded window, you may miss out on hard-to-see segments that could come out of nowhere.

Keep your lights on, and your window clean at all stages.

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