World War Z: Aftermath Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: February 28, 2023
World War Z: Aftermath
  • First Released: Sep 18, 2021

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Cheats for World War Z: Aftermath


Although World War Z: Aftermath does not offer cheats in the form of built-in cheat codes or console commands, as a player, you can download a trainer that will give you access to cheats. Make sure that you download the trainer from a reliable site, install it, and you can get access to cheats such as:

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No reload( infinite clip)
  • Edit Money
  • Edit challenge coins
  • Set game speed
  • Easy kills

The way to set these cheats is offered in the form of sliders and toggle switches on the trainer that runs in the background. So take some time and set what you like, sit back and enjoy the game difficulty that you have created.

Weapons to unlock


World War Z: Aftermath offers a few more weapon choices than its predecessor, here is a list of those weapons so that you can take a look and see what you are going to strive to unlock. This list includes the improvements that these guns have(if any).

  • M500 Shotgun (with Flechettes, long-range shots)
  • Paladin LMG (increased penetration with longer fire. Only on the Vanguard prestige edition special weapon)
  • Senjata PDW
  • Keris V10
  • SR Smerch
  • Repeater X Crossbow Variant (Piercing Bolts)

Having newer weapons and variants can be a bit confusing, thankfully, content creators are here to save the day. Taking a look at videos made online, you can learn a lot from the content that they have created.

Venatix takes us through a list of weapons and differences made to them.

Dead Sea stroll Bug


Five and Six skull difficulty getting you down? Luckily, a user has found a bug that can make the Dead Sea Stroll mission easier than you can imagine. During the last stage of the mission, where you have to find car parts for Greengold, as you start the mission, head over to the right, and you will notice a guard rail with some rocks behind it. Run up the small rocks in front of the guard rail and you will find yourself on top of it. Once there, keep running towards the tree and you will find yourself on top of the rocks. From here, you can monitor the mission while the Zekes try to kill you, unfortunately for them, they can not reach you. The trick is that from this point will attract the Zekes while your friends go about looking for car parts. You will also have a good vantage point to defend Greengold, who has a habit of getting into trouble during the mission.

Ravil Bilalov shows us how to perform the glitch in the Dead Sea Stroll mission.

Coin and XP Farming glitch


So the best way to gain experience and coins is to use the glitch that is offered in the episode five mission “Missile Command” offline mode. For this mission, take a suppressed gun and go for the “Insane” difficulty. Make your way through the mission making sure that you do not attract the attention of too many zombies. Once you have exited the building towards the end and land up on a balcony with the objective of “Call Elevator”. From this point, kill all your teammates and then attract the attention of the zombies to kill yourself as well. This, unfortunately, comes up with the Defeat screen, however, what you have done is farm tons of experience and coins for a small amount of effort and time.

Axeemup shows us how to run through Missile Command to farm experience and coins.

Use your Melee


One of the mistakes many people make is the one where in close quarters combat, many people try to use their guns. This is a lot harder and can cause you to miss a lot and eventually get killed. The best move is to make sure that you are using your melee skill and killing those close quarters enemies with one tap of a button over missing half a clip before landing a kill shot.

PhantomBruv shows us the use of Melee skills.

Stick to your class


Changing your class every little while can be bad for you overall, as you do not learn how to best use the skills of the classes that you are playing. Sticking to a single class and practicing it will help you get better at the game and you will learn how to best use the class. The situations that you get yourself into are handled differently by each class, so learning your strengths and weaknesses for your class will help you survive in the zombie apocalypse.

PhantomBruv Tells us about sticking

Do not hog those medkits


Much like the previous tip of working as a team, don’t be selfish and keep medkits you don’t need while your teammates are low on health. Sharing medkits can help your team survive and prevent headaches of having to try and protect a low-life friendly while trying to stop the masses from overwhelming you.

PhantomBruv explains why sharing medkits is important.

Learn to use your pings


Once again, stemming from the “learn to work as a team” tip, learning to ping will help communicate with your team in the shortest time possible. Making sure to learn how to use your pings will help both you and your teammates survive longer than usual. Certain enemies are harder to deal with than normal, so pinging these will help notify your teammates that you require some assistance with dispatching these enemies.

Learning the basics of why pinging is important, taught by PhantomBruv

Upgrade your Guns


There is nothing more frustrating than progressing further and wondering why everything is going from achievable to impossible. One of the causes for this could be that your guns are not matching up to the strengths of your enemies, so make sure that you upgrade your guns as you progress. 

PhantomBruv explains why it is important to upgrade your guns.

Work as a team


World War Z: Aftermath is a co-op multiplayer game, so using this to your advantage will be best not only for you but for your teammates as well. Working as a team is vital to the victory of the mission, it will make missions turn from almost impossible to an easy stroll in the park. Picking different classes will help the flow of the mission as each class has different perks to help you on the way, synergizing these perks will help drive back the hordes of zombies.  Communicating and helping your teammates will help you complete the missions at hand and end up with more experience and coins for you at the end of the day.

PhantomBruv Teaches us how to work as a team.

Refill when you get a chance


It can often be frustrating when you run out of ammo in the middle of a round, they have to dodge enemies while running around trying to find ammo crates. The best way to avoid this is to refill your ammo during the quiet times in between rounds. Learn where the ammo crates are during the rounds and then as the rounds start coming to an end, slowly edge toward where ammo crates are to save you time. This can mean the difference between life and death.

PhantomBruv shows us the strategy behind ammo refills.

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