The Sims 4: Cottage Living Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: October 7, 2021
The Sims 4: Cottage Living
  • First Released: Jul 21, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 12,

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Money Cheat


There are two cheat options to get money in Sims. The “Motherlode” code will give you 50 000 simoleons and the “Rosebud” code will give you 1000 simoleons. 

In order to activate these cheats, use Shift + Ctrl + C and type testingcheats true. After this, you can type in Motherlode or Rosebud.

Once you have typed the codes in, the simoleons will automatically appear on the account.

What is the Mystery of the Snail Maze

Easter Eggs

The Snail Maze is in the Isle of Volpe Park next to Bramblewood on the Sims Map. There is a snail statue in the middle of the Maze named Sophie and if you click on Sophie there will be two options: take a selfie or search.

When you click on search your Sim will start to rummage in the bush. If they find something in the bush you will be given the option to leave something in the bush for someone else to find and keep Finchwick’s traditions alive.

There is only one thing to find when you start playing the expansion pack but you can hide any items you buy from the computer and you cant hide multiple items. There also doesn’t seem to be any continuity. 

The history says that the cottage in the trees at the top of the waterfall was once Princess Cordelia’s home, she retreated to the English countryside after the Great Sloth Invasion where she wondered about the castle.l.;

It was later that the founder Finchwick, Lord Volpe was said to have stayed in the same countryside and castle in the ruins of Bramblewood. 

The neighborhood is filled with rare collectibles, a swimmable river, castle ruins, and a beautiful park. 

A new way to cook 


There will be no more reaching into the fridge and clicking cook or going to the market and buying groceries. 

In simple living Sims are required to have actual ingredients for making all recipes. You have to make sure your sim farms and harvests the ingredients or grows the ingredients. You can also go to the grocery stand and order the ingredients.  

You will also be presented with a list of meals your sim can cook based on their cooking skill level and then you will be presented with the list of ingredients and the cost of the ingredients will be deducted from your sim’s household funds. If your sim doesn’t have all the ingredients or cannot afford the ingredients they cannot eat the meal. 

Going on Quests in Sims to Earn Money


Certain villages in the town will give you quests to collect items or give you other tasks to do for the vendors. You can speak to various vendors and ask them if you can help them with their errands. You will be given a menu to select errands and you can select up to three errands at a time, you can select errands from different vendors as well.

A disturbing repitition


There is a glitch that allows toddlers to enter into romantic relationships with adults even their parents and apparently this glitch has been seen before in 2015. It was apparently fixed back in 2015 but it has now appeared again in Sims 4 Cottage Living. It is uncertain how many times this problem has occurred. 

The Sims team released a statement acknowledging the problem with a request that players that experience this problem must please report it on AnswersHQ and attach the saved file so that the team can search for a fix.

To further the controversy over this

It appears that there are mods that have been combined with wicked whims but for children and toddlers as well as the options for devious desires for puppies and kittens. A petition was started to have these mods removed from the game. 

Some players have reacted with disgust and others have been defending these mods. 

The Sims Team addressed this issue by saying that these types of mods have deeply disturbing content and are not authorized by the EA  and their use violates the User Agreement. If players use this mod content they will no longer be allowed to play the game and face permanent bans.  

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