The Riftbreaker Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: April 22, 2022
The Riftbreaker
  • First Released: Oct 13, 2021

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A fan favorite Riftbreaker Easter Egg Can be found in the Volcanic Biome.

Easter Eggs

Hear some funny babble after the discovery of some snail like creatures.

Snail, snail, what are you doing here? So pretty, so fat You'll be a sack of cabbage
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A very handy list of Riftbreaker cheats at your exposure.


To begin _ exit the demo version (Go to trial.)
Find this file in the game folder ( initial_config.cfg)
the riftbreaker prologue \ conf \ initial_config.cfg

Find line_ set demo_mode 1 and change 1 to 0

Following this, you can input any of the console commands and cheats you see below.

In-game_To enter codes on PS4, Hold L1 + L2 +R1 +R2 simultaneously. Enter the cheat you want to enable and Press the circle button followed by L1+L2+R1+R2 to close the cheat code console. (Entering the cheats will differ from consule to PC)

cheat_reveal_minimap [0/1] – Opens the entire mini map.
cheat_god_mode [0/1] – Makes you immortal.
cheat_set_player_health [0/9999] – Increases health by set number.
cheat_remove_all_units [0/1] – Removes all objects currently visible on the minimap.
cheat_add_all_items [0/1] – Adds all items to inventory.
cheat_no_clip [0/1] – The player can walk through obstacles.
camera_enable_zoom (1) – Enables zooming using the scroll wheel
time_factor (number) – Changes the in-game speed by specified number
cheat_full_loadout (1) – Grants full loadout, including a flamethrower and missile launcher
cheat_set_player_invisibility (1) – Grants the player invisibility
cheat_spawn_meteor – Spawns a meteor nearby
cheat_unlimited_money (1) – Grants an infinite amount of  resources
cheat_add_resource (name) (value) – Grants the specified amount of named resources


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Cosmetic Codes to make you look great.


IREADABOUTIAMAWESOME - A Skull/Skeleton Skin for your Mech
G2ARMYRULEZ - G2 Skin for your Mech
G2WINS - G2 Floor
ILOVEINTEL - Intel Skin for your Mech
AMDISTHEBEST - AMDSkin for your Mech

A list of the skins available in the game.
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Bug fixes and Tips:


Rift travel disabled during Infinite attack wave.(BUG)
If during a mission i.e. the tanzanite harvesting mission; the enemy units stop coming, but the combat music remains playing. Rift travel will be stuck as disabled until the completion of the final wave. To enable rift travel again; use the console command to remove all units from the map cheat_remove_all_units 1.  This should result in the final wave coming to an end, enabling you to rift jump as usual.

Acid yeast root structures destroyed during gameplay. (TIP)
At this point it is useful to enable the console command to reveal the minimap: cheat_reveal_minimap [0/1]. The roots will show up as skulls on the map.
If there are no skulls on the map, wait for the roots to respawn. If they don’t, reload your last save or start again.

Save Often
Bad events can cause costly and time consuming damage to your base. (TIP)
By saving often; you will be able to reload if your base is badly damaged by a large-scale event. This allows you to reroll the event in the hopes that you will get a smaller scale event instead.

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Some very nifty Rirftbreaker advice.


Don’t overbuild:
Maintain a balance throughout your base. Don’t   focus all your resources on one structure, as you will have to spend time replenishing the resources and be unable to finish your missions.

Fortify your base:
Focus on fortifications as much as possible, but pay attention to your resources. Once you have established a strong base, you can upgrade your weapons as you advance. 

Pay attention to how the power works:
The Level 1 solar panels grant 20 energy per second, but they only work during the day. This means you will need a minimum of 3 energy storage towers per Panel.Level 1 wind turbines don’t need as much storage space. Apart from specific weather events; they run continuously at 12 energy per second.

Carbonium power plants use 1 carbonium per second to produce 50 energy per second. Plant biomass and animal biomass power plants are also effective; however all of these power sources reduces your mineral resources, which you will need for other aspects of the game.

Although Geothermal power plants require geothermal fissures to operate, they are a great power source at the beginning of the game.

Players will be able to unlock technology to develop cultivators and harvesting stations that automatically plant and harvest plant biomass.

After you have completed a series of prerequisites, you will have access to gas, magma, fusion and nuclear energy.

Sell what you don’t need:
Non-functioning factories and power plants will automatically use their carbonium and ironium reserves. Instead of leaving them behind; you can sell these items to save your energy and materials, these can then be used for other constructs.

Alternatively; if you would prefer to keep a building that you are not using, you can turn it off so it won’t drain power.

Upgrade constantly:
To keep track of your available building upgrades; drag the upgrade tool over your buildings and click on each one. This will upgrade all eligible buildings, providing you have a sufficient supply of resources.

NOTE: If you have an excess amount of carbonium and ironium, boost your constructs.

Some structures require rare minerals for upgrades, so try store as much of every mineral you discover.

Set portals everywhere:
As Rift portals are inexpensive and a huge time saver, it is advisable to place them at every mining cluster.  This can help players navigate their bases and move around the map when certain world events are triggered.

Heal at home:
You heal much quicker at your base then out in the open; if you are in need of an emergency heal, open your map and fast travel to your base for a quick recharge.

As soon as you have healed fully, you can return to your previous location.

Complete world events as quickly as you can:
World events can award resource bonuses. As they happen quite often, it is better to deal with them quickly so that you are not overwhelmed.

The longer it takes you to complete them, the more time and resources you will have to spend to rebuild your base.

NOTE: You will hear a warning sound before the enemies attack.

Set mines around your constructions:
The towers will not be able to fend off the most significant enemy attacks on their own; set mines around your base and your constructions.

NOTE: The floating mine launcher; which sets air mines, is useful for fortifying the base’s perimeter.

Carry a variety of weapon types:
Some weapons are more damaging to specific creatures.

Canoptrix, attacks in large swarms and is weak against fire, therefore the flamer is incredibly effective against them. Krocoon, have very hard-shells that resemble metallic rock formations or crystals. They are weak against corrosive materials. If your equipped weapons are too weak, you can craft a weapon that is uses a different element. Weapons can also be upgraded as you advance in the game.

NOTE: Deconstructing weapons you no longer need will return some resources to you.

The double-wall tactic:
Construct two rows of walls around your outer-most defenses. This creates double the protection and becomes even more powerful as you upgrade your walls.

NOTE: The double barrier will deplete a lot of carbonium, so ensure you have an excess amount before you attempt this.

Begin with easy mode:
Start the game in easy mode until you are confident in playing.

In this mode; Riftbreaker automatically saves often, so you can reload your  previous save if your base suffers too much damage.  


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