The Last Stand: Aftermath Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: February 9, 2023
The Last Stand: Aftermath
  • First Released: Oct 28, 2021

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Last Stand: Aftermath Cheats


Last Stand: Aftermath is a legendary game. Unfortunately, cheats don’t work on it like they used to with older games. These days, you can use cheats by using a trainer such as Wemod or Plitch Trainer. Both trainers have a great range of cheats that will improve your gaming experience. Wemod has 22 cheats available, and Plitch has five free cheats and 17 cheats for premium users. Let’s take a look at the cheats offered by both trainers.


  • Invincibility
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Minimum Infection
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited throwables
  • No Reload
  • Unlimited weapon durability
  • Set Player Speed
  • Stealth Mode
  • Fast Mutation
  • Unlimited Supply
  • Unlimited Reputation
  • Zero Weight
  • Unlimited XP
  • XP Multiplier
  • Unlimited knowledge points
  • Unlimited Vehicle Health
  • Unlimited Fuel
  • One Hit Stun
  • One hit Kills
  • Change Game Speed

Plitch Trainer Cheats for Free:

  • Prepare
  • Refill Stamina
  • Low Stamina
  • Refill Health
  • Low Health

Plitch Trainer Premium Cheats:

  • Set Fuel
  • Refill Antiviral Duration
  • Add Supplies
  • Add Knowledge
  • No Reload
  • Unlimited Weapon Durability
  • Refill Clip Ammo
  • Refill Durability
  • Godmode
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Antiviral Duration
  • Invincible: On
  • Invincible: Off
  • Add XP
  • Set Damage for ranged weapon
  • Set Damage for melee weapon
  • Set Weight Capacity

Both trainers are easy to install and navigate. Install the trainer on your device and search for Last Stand: Aftermath through it. Make sure your bitrate is set correctly, and remember to activate any preparation options needed to get the cheats working when you are in the game. 

Here is a video on the cheats that Plitch offers:

How to unlock crafting recipes


In Last Stand: Aftermath, there are three ways of unlocking new craft recipes. Craft recipes are basically just methods of making new items to help you get further in the game. Often, you will need to acquire items or knowledge before you can create or craft the item. The three main ways you can unlock new recipes are by combining two items together for the first time, buying a supply depot, or purchasing a knowledge upgrade.

The best items to craft


There are loads of items you can craft in Last Stand, but not all of them are immediately necessary. These items are the most useful, and we suggest you prioritize learning how to craft them as soon as you can. 

  • Battery: These items are super helpful and vital to getting through the game. With batteries you can unlock supply caches, antiviral, weapon crates or medical crates, and H.E.R.C. 
  • Medkit: We all know that being able to heal yourself in a survival game is important. Having a medkit is how you can restore your help. Getting a hold of a medkit is a must.
  • Herbal Antidote: This is the only item in your inventory that will definitely help you if you have been poisoned. It’s always helpful to have an antidote with you if you are going into areas where you could get poisoned. 
  • Bandages: These items go well with your medkit. They can restore most of your health and are useful when you need a quick heal. 

Keep Items to restore Health


If you travel outside of your home on the map often, it is likely that you are going to run into enemies sooner rather than later. It is critical to have items on hand to restore your health. Thankfully, you can find items scattered throughout the map that can restore your health. 

Keep your eye out for these supplies when you are looting abandoned areas:

  • Bandages
  • Medical Kits
  • Antidots
  • Water 
  • Food

Bandages and medkits are great when you have severe injuries and are needing to restore large amounts of health at a time. Antidotes are needed to heal you when you have been poisoned. Food and water are quick remedies to restore health on the go. You can also find food and water pretty easily as you explore the map.

Know your Zombies


In Last Stand, you have probably come up against a few easy-to-kill zombies and some others that you know you stand a chance against. For the latter, most of us generally learn the hard way. That's why it is important to know the zombies you might come across before you get yourself into a sticky situation. 

You have your standard zombie in Last Stand, but there are also poison-spitting zombies, exploding zombies, and armored zombies, which are especially difficult to take down. Always be prepared for zombies in all situations.

Know when you are exposed


There are certain situations when you are completely exposed and vulnerable to attack. When you are crafting, either at the fire or at the workbench, you are open to being attacked by zombies. To avoid being stuck in this sticky situation, focus on clearing out the area of any threats before you sit down to craft anything. 

Likewise, if you are looting near a horde of zombies or wild animals, deal with them first. They will interrupt you as you are looting and deal unnecessary damage. 

Knowledge is Power


In the Last Stand, knowledge is power. Your development in the game coincides with your ability to craft new items to help improve your base and fend off zombies and wild animals. If you can do anything, learn as much as you can. The more recipes you learn, the more you can craft. The more you are able to craft, the better chance you have to survive the game.

Don’t Collect Unnecessary items


When you come across items, it is easy to just collect everything you find. You will shoot yourself in the foot if you do this. Rather, set goals for yourself with the items you are wanting to craft and then collect the items necessary to craft that specific item along with your basic needs as well. 

Here’s a video with some more great tips to help you succeed in Last Stand: Aftermath.

Crafting at a Workbench


Crafting at a workbench is similar to crafting by a fire, but there are some important differences to keep in mind. Workbenches are much less common than other tools, so use them when you can.

One disadvantage of crafting at workbenches is that five unique recipes may only be crafted at campfires and fire barrels. On the plus side, a workbench has roughly twice as many recipes, including some fairly good weaponry.

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