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Last Updated: August 2, 2022

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Companions List Guides

Most of the companions in the game appear to be related to all Circle Mages who were involved in the Mage Wars. 

Known Recruitable Companions: 

  • Yria of the Light:  Greyfang Keep - joins you due to the story. 

          The only elf in the Circle. Yria specializes in white magic but far                        exceeds the common healing spells. Adapts manipulates life in all its              forms. 

  • Isgrimm the Smith:  Farlons Hope - Joins you after you rescue him from the Orcs.

         The stone shaper of Windholme and builder of Mulandir. He discovers           the rune magic and shares this knowledge with his circle siblings,                   which leads to the creation of Rune Warriors.

  • Gor the Changeling:  Foot of Barga Gor - Joins automatically when you meet up with him.

          A powerful summoner and the only orc of the Circle. When he learned            about his innate gifts, he became a powerful shapeshifter and was                  able to turn into almost any known form - e.g a wolf, a powerful                        demon.

  • Uram the Red:  Foot of Barga Gor - After defeating Krell and the Orcs he will appear in a cavern fighting a Devourer and will join you after you save him and mention that you are Tahar.

         The demonologist was after the Phoenix Stone to get ultimate powers,            and so was Hokan Ashir. The conflict between the armies destroyed              the lands and turned a once fertile soil into the Darklands. After                      having obtained control over the Red Horde, Uram was able to                        overthrow Hokan's undead before the battle of Kaith Halur.

  • Ianna the Singer:  Leafshade - Joins you partway into the zone after visiting the human encampment to gain permission from them. A guard tells you that Bertrand wants to see you then she'll join you after you defeat the other assassins.

         A powerful mental mage who had a talent in the art of taking away                   mana from her enemies, She was buried at the Blackwater Coast.

  • Rohen Tahir:  Everlight - Automatically joins you after finishing the extended Farlons Hope and once you have spoken with the Major.

          Rohen is one of the survivors of the Convocation. He had helped out              the Phoenix Bearer during the Battle of Fiara. Rohen also founded the            Order of Dawn and constructed the portal network to ease the                        difficulties caused by the Primal Elements. He died at the hands of                   the Dark One at the Frost Marshes. He specialized in Elementalism.

  • Undergast the Weaver:  Everlight Creators Guild - joins you after you help him with the Golem in the Mines quest.

          Corporal Tahar was welcomed by Undergast, the first scholar of the                guild. He noticed the Corporal's aura and was able to identify him as              Isamo offspring quickly.

          Upon being informed about the Bloodburn's possible origins and                    Rondar Lacaine's involvement, Undergast suddenly became                             extremely interested in the topic.

  • Angar Arandir:  Mulandir - Joins you after the first long story segment where the game tells you to complete quests. 

         As the Lord Marshal of the royal army of Nortander during the Purity               Wars because of Queen Ayelith's coma caused by the Mage Wars'                   battle, he was the governor of the entire Nortander kingdom during                 the said time before being overthrown by the Purity of Light.

Possible Recruitable Companions:

  •  Shâr of the Isles:  Unknown Island - Shâr teleports away to an unknown location after the questline is finished. No matter what the outcome is. 

         Shâr was extraordinarily gifted with magic and was famously tamed               medusae and other wildlife creatures to do his bidding. When he was             invited to join the Circle, his medusae were the elite among Mulandir's           guard.

  • Commander Mart: The commander you replace on the first try to Farlons Hope. He seems to leave no matter if you force to control or help him out. You will see a leaves the party text on the screen.

         During the Mage Wars, the Commander had been an ordinary                         infantryman within the royal army of Nortander. He risked his life in                 fighting the rebel mages of Isamo Tahar.

         After the wars had ended, he remained in Farlorn's Hope, where he                 hoped for a finally peaceful life. Because of his past, he was then                     chosen as the commander of the Militia.

  • Raith the Black:  Old Haalayash - Travels back to the pilgrims temple, but it will become unaccessible to you, and Raith just sits at the border.

          A mighty sorcerer of the Norcaine who examined the City of Souls,                  which granted him a seat in the Circle. He had multiple encounters                  with Hokan and the Fial Darg during the Rune Wars. He was buried in               the City of Souls. His grave is guarded by a Fial Darg.

  • Silverhand, the Master of Mirrors:  Old Haalayash - Remains in the Elven base after you finish the questline to honor his friend. He remains untalkable afterward.

         Another master of mental magic with extremely powerful abilities                   affecting someone's mind. Outplaying his opponent's mind with his                 tricks and emotions.

LordViny RDC shows you the companions in the game.


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