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Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Sniper Elite 5
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: May 24, 2022
  • Genres: Fighting, Shooter, Simulator, Adventure
  • Themes: Action, Historical, Stealth, Open world
  • Ratings: PEGI 16, ESRB M

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Cheat With Sniper Elite 5 Trainer


Sniper Elite 5 doesn't have an integrated cheat system, but you can still add cheats to enhance the gaming experience. One option is to download and use a trainer. It's recommended to do research and read reviews of the trainers before adding them to your system. 

We suggest the PLITCH trainer has received favorable feedback from many users and offers a variety of cheats. The following are some of the cheats available through the PITCH Trainer:

  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • Godmode
  • Unlimited Lung Air
As a trainer may be difficult to add to the game for an inexperienced user, here is a guide that helps you add cheats for Sniper Elite 5.

Die Hard Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

The first one happens as you climb up  the side of a cliff during the Atlantic Wall campaign,while sneaking up to a soldier. You jab your knife into his leg, drag him down, and then stab him in the neck. After all this, you say the classic Happy Trails Hans phrase for Die Hard.

This video features an Easter egg moment from DIE HARD in Sniper Elite 5.

Metal Gear Solid Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

There is a cutscene of an approaching submarine from its side that perfectly matches a scene from Metal Gear Solid. Both these scenes are from the Atlantic Wall mission for each of the games.

This video features an Easter egg from Metal Gear Solid

Authentic Plus Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

There are two cutscienes for the game where the soldiers are speaking in Italian, and not calming down. This is a reference to the (Authentic Plus) difficulty, where enemies never calm down once alerted.

I got no time to bleed Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

You are in a tower and you get hit by an enemy sniper. Then after you apply a medkit you utter the famous words in reference to the Predator movie saying (I got no time to bleed.) 

Live long and prosper Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

During mission 3 of the spy academy as you explore the cathedral you get to one of the higher levels, you will then notice a painting that has the famous Live long and prosper hand gesture synonymous with Spock from Star Trek.

Inglorious Bastards film Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

In mission 3 of the spy academy you come accrous 3 German soldiers having drinks. The conversation they have is a close reference to a conversation about the three galsses form the Inglorious Bastards film.

Jason Kingsley Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

In the mission 3 spy academy, as you enter one of the rooms you notice a painting. This painting is the actor Jason Kingsley from the film Grail Knight’s Quest.

Rebellion Games and Judge Dredd Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

In mission 4, the war factory. As you go up the stais there is a shelf with tins on it. On closer inspection you see that the inscriptions of one of the cans says Rebelion for referencing the game studio as well as another that has a image of Judge Dredd.

Dr. Pepper Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

While playing mission 5, Festung Guernsey. As you enter a room filled with hospital beds there is a shelf once again and on closer inspection you see that they have the inscription Dr. Pepper. This of course is the famous drink so well know to many of us.

Rebellion Games Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

As you are exploring in mission 6, Liberation as you walk into a shop you will notice a cash register  with the inscription Rebellion on it. This of course is for Rebellion games once again.

Sniper Elite 3 Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

While running down the stars in mission 7 secter wars, you anter a corridor and then a room. In this room on one of the tables you will notice some playing cards, on closer inspection you see that these playing cards have the same palm tree logo as that of the Sniper Elite 3 game.

During mission 8, rubble and rain. As you descend into one of the collapsed boulding rooms you notice a picture of Baubvogel from Snipre Elite 3.

This video features lots of different Easter Eggs.

Picture of Hitler

Easter Eggs

Also in mission 8, rubble and rain. As you walk into a room filled with hospital beds you will see a picture of Hitler.

Tips You Must Know About while Playing the Game


First, to kill a target safely, set booby traps on enemy corpses. To set up a booby trap in this example, we will simply sneak kill the target from behind. Then approach the generator to make noise and draw the second foe. You can enjoy the fireworks after he emerges and inspects the corpse. 

Second, while playing on easier difficulties, you can use any tall grass, but when playing on normal authentic difficulty, grass will be your best friend.

For vantage points, look for the blue eye icons on your map. Once occupied, you can use them to scout the area and sneakily snipe targets from a great distance.

Use a zipline if you require a rapid exit or simply a quick route through a space. If you want to stop sooner, you can also press B to stop mid-zipline.

Simply hide behind smaller objects like barrels or crates when the enemy is pursuing you during combat, and be prepared to press the Y button for a swift melee kill.

Steph and Deckendorf must be killed in the first mission. Follow this path once you've arrived at this location on the mission map without being seen. As the car approaches, equip your grenade and get ready to fire. A car's engine noise can be used to estimate a target's proximity. In case you make a mistake, you can also manually save here. Run back the way you came once the target has been destroyed. No need to make the area clear.

To change your shoulder view while in aim down sights mode, press the Y button. By doing so, you can sneak out and shoot an enemy that your shoulder angle previously prevented you from seeing.

You can use your whistle while in the grass by selecting it from the inventory wheel and pressing RB to activate it. The whistle will draw the enemy to you. Make sure you're not lying down or they might see you, recognize you as a threat, and start shooting.

Once you have some skill points, be sure to choose "Back in the Fight" from the combat tree as your spec. It is the only thing you can get and is quite helpful, particularly in earlier and harder game levels. If you find yourself in a tough situation, it will give you a chance.

Use your SMG in any close-quarters combat instead of your gun. Unless you're an expert headshotter, it's far superior up close to a pistol that does some damage. The ten expert tips for Sniper Elite 5 from Gaming Instinct are now complete.

This video shows you lots of useful tips.

Creative ways to kill Hitler


Firstly, you can place an explosive device at the end of the bowling alley that, when tripped, will drive a bowling pin through Hitler's head. 

You can booby-trap a grenade in a book on the small table next to the lamp and chairs. Then, when Hitler opens the book, he looks stunned for the last few moments before the device explodes in his face.

In the mailroom, you can booby-trap a package using a grenade. Hitler will slowly remove the string from the package, which in turn will set off the grenade, killing Hitler.

Find Hitler at the lake by the jetty, and take your time slowly sneaking up on him until you are close enough to kill him.

There are live wires submerged in water between two wooden structures. Hitler will go for a stroll, drop his pistol, and get electrocuted.

In the dining hall, you can place a grenade underneath the food cover. Hitler, accompanied by someone, will lift the covering, look in bewildered amazement, and then die as the grenade explodes in his face.

In the dining room, there is a plate with some sandwiches, and you are able to pour poison over them. Hitler will walk up to them, bite off one piece, eat it, and then go toward the toilet, where he throws up violently. After a while, he dies face-down in the toilet bowl.

By the fireplace you can place a create a bomb rat. As he walks into the room he gets frightened by the rat and kicks in into the fire, subsequinlty the bomb exlodes killing him instantly.

You can place a bomb in the grand piano. Hitler will walk up the to trhe piano and run his fingers acres the keys until it trips the bomb blowing him up in the prosess. 

In the bar, you can poison one of the drinks on the bar counter. Hitler will walk up to the bar, drink the beverage, and fall face first to the floor, dead.

On the porch, you will get a clear headshot of Hitler while he is sitting on a bench in the garden. Take aim, fire your rifle, and this will be another Hitler killshot. 

This video is a guide to help you kill Hitler.

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