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Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Saints Row
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Aug 22, 2022
  • Genres: Shooter, Adventure
  • Themes: Action, Open world
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Thor - The Worthy Hammer

Easter Eggs

There is a stranded rowboat where the power lines pass through a dry lake bed, and the Worthy Hammer, which is a play on Thor’s Mjolnir, can be found buried in the ground near it. 

Cheats using a trainer


Saints Row has no official cheats. However, cheats can be added manually using a Saints Row trainer, which can be installed on the Cheats Happen and Plitch pages.

Listed below are cheats that can be utilized using the trainer:

  • Unlimited Health
  • Ghost Mode
  • Unlimited Flow
  • Super Jump
  • Super Speed
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • Super Damage
  • Vehicles Health
  • Reset Notoriety
  • No Notoriety Changes
  • Game Speed
  • Edit: Money
  • Edit: XP
  • Edit: X
  • Edit: Z
  • Edit: Y
  • Add money
  • Reset money to 0
  • Godmode vehicle
  • Unlimited flow diamonds
  • Godmode
  • Easy Kills

Spaceballs - Giant Comb

Easter Eggs

The giant comb is a reference to the movie Spaceballs. It can be found at the very bottom of Badlands South, raking through the desert. 

Surviving intense gun fights


To survive intense gun fights you should dodge often, use takedowns, and rely on the Tough Mother and Transfusion skills to stay healthy

Since Saints Row throws a lot of enemies at you at once which can become out of hand quickly, you can avoid a lot of damage by constantly using dodge rolls. 

If you are facing a lot of enemies or you don’t have a takedown to hand, you can activate the tough mother skill (a skill you get at level 6), to negate staggering effects and also gain full temporary health.

You can also use transfusion (gained in level 11) to gain health for yourself and your allies when you inflict damage. 

Xeno Franchise - Strange Monolith

Easter Eggs

This structure resembles the objects and shapes seen many times throughout the Xeno series, and shooting it causes green sparks to form.

Three Amigos! - Singing Bush

Easter Eggs

On the small island in Badlands South, you’ll find a singing bush along with three dolls representing the movie Three Amigos’s titular main cast.

The description “Let’s go summon the invisible swordsman” is a direct quote from the movie.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtle Graffiti

Easter Eggs

You can find a manhole cover covered in green chemicals on the same island as the Singing Bush.

Alongside it, there are four turtles drawn on the nearby concrete, with each one of them wearing a colored bandana matching those worn by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

IT - Red Balloon

Easter Eggs

On the east side of the island, which is in the middle of Lake Sabastian, is a sewer pipe hiding a red balloon, which is similar to the balloon from IT.

Minecraft - Breakable Wall

Easter Eggs

There is a small breakable wall in Fort Cullen in Old Town West which hides a number of small blocky characters behind it, similar to those in Minecraft.

Doctor Who - The Turdis

Easter Eggs

There is a modified portable toilet that can be found in Old Town West.

It is titled “The Turdis,” which is a clear reference to the police box used throughout the British TV series Doctor Who.

Clerks - Grocery Store

Easter Eggs

This easter egg doesn’t have one set location, as it is tied to the Laundromat criminal venture, which can be built in any region. 

Go to the criminal venture you built, and you’ll find a store with the sign “I assure you, we are OPEN!” on it.

Both the store and the sign reference the 1994 film Clerks.

Summoner - Cabbit

Easter Eggs

It can be found in Old Town East, hiding inside a storage container, and is a reference to the Summoner series.  

Focus on the main story in the beginning


This will enable you to get into a good position to tackle some of the side objectives and missions once you beat the ‘Take Me To Church’ mission.'

Complete criminal ventures


You can receive big payouts once complete their ventures when it comes to XP and money.

Finish threats


The threats in each district will be uncovered as you place criminal ventures. Completing these rewards you with an increase in venture income.

Leave your game on to rack up venture income


You will have to be in-game, not in a menu, so you can go to the Saints HQ and check back in every 30 minutes to an hour to transfer the money into your personal account.

Place Criminal Ventures strategically on the Empire map


Criminal Ventures are establishments that allow the gang to run illegal ventures such as protection rackets and smuggling.

They cannot be relocated once founded; therefore you must take care of their location. 

Send away allies when they not needed


Having all of them running around could lead to you having to babysit them.
Most vehicles are only two-seaters, therefore they will split up and drive in their own cars. 

If they die, you may not be in a position to revive them straight away as they have a 10-minute delay before they can be called in.

Set up appropriate skills before missions


In some scenarios in the game, you will be unable to change your skills, therefore you should check if all proper skills have been set up. 

You should try to use more offensive ones that rely on buffing you or dealing damage directly. 

Secret Unlockable Cars


Here is a list of Unlockable Cars In Saints Row:

  • Vindicator - Complete the Pony Express Side Missions in El Dorado.
  • Twisty Creamy - Complete the Missions of the "Chalupacabra" Venture.
  • Tornado - Complete the final Main Mission, "Best Friends Forever."
  • Six Shooter Samurai - Complete the Missions of the "Chalupacabra" Venture.
  • Shifty (Bath Tub) - find it inside a backyard in an abandoned lot in Rojas Desert South.
  • Shield (The Kingmobile) - Complete all the Pony Express Side Missions.
  • Shaft (Wuzyerz Tow Truck) - Complete all the "Wuzyerz Repo" Criminal Venture Side Missions.
  • Schooner - Complete the Pony Express Side Missions in East Flats.
  • Sanicruiser (Golden Dumpers Truck) - Find all 4 hidden Golden Garbage Truck parts that can be found in the gold dumpsters located around the map.
  • Saguaro (First Strike) - Complete the "First Strike Dojo" Criminal Venture Side Missions.
  • Responder (Roadkill) - Complete all Shady Oaks Venture Side Missions.
  • Raycaster - Complete the "Good Cop/Bad Cop" Main Mission.
  • Prototype RTP 62-8S (Hoverboard) - Complete the "Alpha Test" Mission of the Eurekabator Ventures.
  • Potato - Find all 5 missing parts of the Lost Conspiracies in Badlands South.
  • Porter (Kakts Radio Van) - Complete all the "KAKTS Radio" Criminal Venture Side Missions.
  • Phoenix - Complete the "Body of Evidence" Main Mission.
  • Palanquin (Duststorm Raider) - Complete the "Unto the Breach" Main Mission.
  • Oppressor - Complete the "Planet Saints" Criminal Venture Side Missions.
  • Mule (Toxic Waste Truck) - Complete all the "Bright Future" Criminal Venture Side Missions.
  • MDI-921V (VTOL) - Complete the final Main Mission: "Showdown."
  • MDI-707B (Saints Hoverbike) - Complete the Main Mission, "The Great Train Robbery."
  • MDI-707B (Hoverbike) - Complete the Main Mission, "Corporate Retreat." You can also find it spawned at the Marshall base in Kavanagh County Territory.
  • I Dream of Weenie - Complete the Missions of the "Chalupacabra" Venture.
  • Hollybird (DLC) - Front to Back Cosmetic Pack (Free DLC)
  • Heavyweight - Find all 5 missing parts of the Bones of Kavanagh County.
  • Gentry (Saints Limousine) - Complete the final Main Mission, "Best Friends Forever."
  • Gargantua - Complete the "Good Cop/Bad Cop" Main Mission.
  • Frying Dutchman - Find all 5 missing parts of the Ghost of the Frying Dutchman.
  • Ethel - Complete the Main Mission, "Drawing Heat"
  • Emu (Sharkmobile) - Complete the "Let's Pretend" Venture Heist in El Dorado.
  • Dustrider - Complete the "Castle Kraken" Criminal Venture.
  • Compton (Special) - Complete the "Art Appreciation" Main Mission.
  • Compton (Crash Test Car) - Complete "The Forge" Main Mission.
  • Chicken à la King - Complete the Missions of the "Chalupacabra" Venture.
  • Chupacabra - Start the "Chalupacabra" Venture.
  • Bowelrod - Complete the Main Mission, "The Rod Warrior"
  • Barracas (Laundromat Van) - Complete all the "Laundromat" Criminal Venture Side Missions.
  • Barbados (Idols) - Complete the "Going Overboard" Main Mission.
  • Attrazione - Complete the "Planet Saints" Criminal Venture Side Missions.
  • Attrazione (JimRob’s) - Complete the JimRob's Garage Criminal Venture Side Missions.
  • Ant (RS Gas Buggy) - Complete Pony Express Mission in Smelterville West.
  • Ant (Lost Buggy) - Find all 5 missing parts of the Lost Dust Buggy.
  • Ant (FB’s Buggy) - Complete Pony Express Mission in Rojas Desert South.
All Secret Car Locations Guide (Lost Wheels Car Parts)

Do not ignore challenges


Challenges help with unlocking new perks: equippables that grant a variety of bonuses and benefits such as increased XP, ammo pickups, and more NPC ally damage).

Frequently check the cash app to get money instantly


When you begin investing in criminal ventures, don’t forget the cash app, as this app generates money over time and has a cap on how much money you can store there.

Therefore, by moving the cash over, it will provide you with a fair sum to spend on new ventures, guns, and vehicle upgrades and it will reset the app.

Kill Wanted targets if other money-making opportunities dry up


You should check the wanted app for contracts, as they can be worth a fair amount of money and involve driving to a specific location to pick up a vehicle before you head out to kill your target.

Call for backup if you find yourself outnumbered


You can call a friend if you are pinned down by many enemies, by accessing the contacts section to summon Neena, Eli or Kev.

You can also request that the Saints deliver your favourite vehicle to your location if a quick getaway is needed to be made

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