PGA Tour 2K23 Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: April 21, 2023
PGA Tour 2K23
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Oct 10, 2022
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Sport
  • Ratings: PEGI 3, ESRB E

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Matt Kuchar and His Caddy

Easter Eggs

After securing a hard-fought victory in career mode, Matt Kuchar was faced with a unique challenge when it came to honoring his caddy. Despite the essential role the caddy had played, Kuchar refused pay him, instead opting to make a rash decision to physically throw the caddy into a nearby lake.

Cheating With The Cheathappens PGA Tour 2k23 Trainer


Although PGA Tour 2k23 lacks a built-in cheat system, it is possible to add cheats to the game to give it a little extra flavor. Downloading and using a trainer is one way to cheat at the game.

Despite the fact that the Cheathappens trainer has been tried out by numerous users and is compatible with Steam. Thus, it is advised that you read reviews before installing any trainer or software. Additionally, the developers still need to fix issues with anti-cheats for this specific trainer.

Activating The PGA Tour 2k23 Cheats Trainer Using Cheathappens

If it is not stated otherwise below, press F1 in the main menu.
Listen for "Trainer Activated."
Press the desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Trainer Options

  • # Scorecard
    NumPad1: Always 1 Stroke
  • # Shooting
    NumPad2: Unlimited Shot Attempts
  • # Gameplay
    NumPad3: Game Speed

Mute Hotkeys

To temporarily disable the hotkeys, press CTRL-H after the trainer is activated. You can use CTRL-H to reactivate the hotkeys as well. You can also mute specific hotkeys by changing the hotkey you want to mute to "NONE."

Sergio Garcia

Easter Eggs

Sergio Garcia is infamous for his temper tantrums on the golf course, including kicking, slamming, throwing, and damaging greens with his clubs. After losing to Tiger Woods in career mode, you see Sergio blaming Tiger for his defeat, showcasing poor sportsmanship and lack of personal responsibility.

Phil Mickelson

Easter Eggs

Phil Mickelson is known for his exceptional golfing skills and calm demeanor on the course, but even the best players have their moments of frustration. In the game, after missing a seemingly simple putt, Phil's cool was lost and you see him impulsively stopping the ball before it had a chance to roll, showcasing a rare display of emotion.

Where to Start


First, you are shown how to set up your player and your appearance. You can edit your entire face. and then type in your name.

From there, you move on to the archetypes, and it is advised that you start by using your strengths in the game. Rithim is a good place to start if you are new to the game, giving you the most forgiving swingpath. Puttpath and swingpath are the most important attributes to consider as a new player. Another good option would be greensman which also gives a good balance toward the middle.

To improve your gameplay, it is recommended that you distribute your points equally in the skills section along vertical paths. This strategy will allow you to play well and then catch up in a predictable manner. Finally, you get to all of your passes, where you have three skill points to distribute for each selection. In this section, you should also concentrate on your putt weight.

Then you make your way to setting up your golf bag. It is a good idea to look at the yardage of your different clubs. And try to build your bag so you don’t have too much of a gap between the different yard scales. Ensure that the distances between your clubs are kept at a reasonable level. This will lead to maximum effectiveness.

Then your player is set up, and you can go one of two ways: casual or my-career. This is suggested as you gain more experience points. Here, you can change the difficulty of your opponents. Start with something very easy until it gets too easy. Set the difficulty of your   conditions to easy to begin with.

That brings you back to your fittings. After every single round of 18 holes that you play, you will be able to upgrade your gear with fittings. Note that you will be wasting a lot of virtual currency here. So get ready to spend some currency as you progress through the game.

The video shows you where to start, how get XP and what are these abilities.

Beginner's Tips


Develop The New Swing System

The new swing system is one of PGA Tour 2K23's most important additions. The game will also offer a new 3-click swing system for those who prefer it over the more traditional analog swing stick. This new function is a lot more accurate.

Players will be able to use the new system to hold down X on the PlayStation or A on the Xbox and time their release just before the power circle. After that, click the button to choose the swing's path. Press it once more to determine whether it will be an open or closed clubface. Players should set aside some time to work on their technique because practice makes perfect.

Develop Your Putting Like a Pro

In PGA Tour 2K23, perfecting your putting stroke is crucial if you want to make birdies and prevent bogeys. To accurately determine the distance and angle of your putt, it is essential to thoroughly examine the terrain before you play. Check to see if there is an uphill or a downhill slope, and adjust for it accordingly. Despite the fact that the game gives you the distance and power, it is advised that you shorten the distance by one or two feet and then concentrate only on hitting the ideal timing for your power swing. 

Select the Appropriate Shot Type

The shot type you choose in PGA Tour 2K23 will depend on your objective on the fairway. There are numerous different shot types available. Punch shots to combat the effects of the wind, chip shots to exit the rough, and splash shots to exit bunkers are some examples of shot types. Gain knowledge about the various shot options so you can make the best use of them.

Play The Game With Topgolf

The mode that Topgolf adds to PGA Tour 2K23 is ideal for social play and introducing friends to different clubs. Thus, Topgolf is a natural partner for this game. The game can be played on a Topgolf range, which is basically a driving range with targets, and the farther away the targets, the higher your potential score. To earn more points, the game will also require the player to hit specific targets. 

Topgolf mode in PGA Tour 2K23 offers the most realistic representation of golf games. It is currently the most accurate mode available. 80 real-world venues where you can play against other players are each created to look and feel like the original Las Vegas venue. You, the golfer, get 10 shots in a round at various targets scattered across the course. Not all grades are created equal; it's important to remember that. In addition, the target's proximity to the base of the point’s as well as the distance are taken into account when determining the points.

Statistical Analysis

In PGA Tour 2K23, examining statistics is not an easy task, but you should always know how to check this information to decide if you are interested in a particular part thereof.

After starting the game, you should use your Xbox, PlayStation, or PC's menu button to navigate to the main menu. The options menu will then show up. The statistics panel will appear if they press RT or R2. You can review the history, records, and statistics of their profile by clicking on Statistics and Records.

Consider incorporating backspin into your regular play.

As the name suggests, backspin is a type of spin that you can employ to cause the ball to move backward. Both an overhand and underhand stroke can be used to achieve this.

Several factors make using backspin essential. For eagle and birdie putts, a quick stop on the green can be achieved with the aid of backspin. Additionally, it might make the ball travel less, which is helpful when shooting into the wind. Backspin can also make the ball bend more, which can help it avoid obstacles like trees.

Clubs Can Be Upgraded Using Virtual Currency

You will have to pay for new gear and apparel. In addition, the new season pass levels up agonizingly slowly. That happens if you don't buy the premium track. 

The use of Vurtual Currency for equipment upgrades is its most notable feature. Excellent clubs and stats are not things you can simply purchase. But you should think about spending more on better fittings to give your clubs a slight statistical edge.

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