Outriders Easter Eggs on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

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Dragon Age reference Easter Eggs

In the Deadrock Pass area, you’ll encounter a character named Alastair Cullen who gives you the “Free Market” side quest. This name is a reference to two characters from the Dragon Age series, Alistair and Cullen. Meanwhile, the character’s use of drugs and their relevance in the story might also be a further reference to the use of Lyrium in Dragon Age.

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Lost reference Easter Eggs

An early part that was included in the demo involves a string of numbers. The sequence of numbers used is the same as the numbers from Lost.

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Bulletstorm references Easter Eggs

There are numerous references to Bulletstorm, another game from the same developer.

  • You can find a book in multiple places titled “Storm of Bullets.”
  • Another book can be spotted written by “Bill T. Storm.”
  • Yet another book called “New Thrilling Adventures” shows Bulletstorm characters on its cover.
  • One of your possible abilities is called “Bulletstorm.”
  • You can find an action figure for Grayson Hunt, the main character from Bulletstorm.

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