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Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Meet Your Maker
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Apr 3, 2023
  • Genres: Shooter, Strategy, Tactical
  • Themes: Action, Horror
  • Ratings: PEGI 16, ESRB M

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Building Blocks, Traps, and Guards


When building an Outpost in Meet Your Maker, it's important to take advantage of the extra blocks already in place, but also remove them if they obstruct your design. Consider the Harvester's path and create walls and tunnels that will make it difficult for Raiders to navigate. Strategically place a variety of traps that complement each other and take advantage of blind spots to catch intruders. Spacing guards across the Outpost will also add an extra layer of challenge.

This video will provide all the essential pro tips and tricks you’ll need for the game

Modifying Traps and Guards


For an even greater challenge and originality, you can modify traps and guards by equipping them with two mods that enhance their abilities. Experiment with different combinations to create some of the best Outposts in Meet Your Maker.

Some examples of mods that can be added to traps include Burning, which sets enemies on fire, or Blockade, which reinforces the trap to make it more difficult to disarm. As for guards, mods can change their behavior, such as increasing their speed or making them move in a specific pattern. You can also customize the appearance of their guards by choosing different skins.

To acquire mods, you can either find them in the game or purchase them with in-game currency. It's important to note that mods are single-use, meaning that once they're applied to a trap or guard, they cannot be removed or reused. Therefore, you must be strategic in your use of mods and choose the ones that will benefit their Outpost the most.

One Hit Means Death


The first and foremost rule to keep in mind is that one hit from a lethal trap or enemy is enough to kill you, so exercise caution while playing. To prevent getting killed, it is important to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings and any threat indicators.

If you're uncertain, stick with The Harvester.


Builders don't have to test their outposts before uploading them, but they must ensure a clear path from the start to the genetic material. Follow the Harvester as it walks along this path, which can help you avoid getting lost in the labyrinth-like outposts.

Destroy Traps Always


Builders use traps to thwart would-be raiders, and they come in different types. Destroy all traps you come across to get XP, parts, and Synthite, which can make your raiding experience worthwhile.

Take Care When Getting Your Ammo


The game has its own range and melee weapons, and ranged weapons fire bolts that need to be picked up again. Be careful when going for long-range shots, as you may end up triggering more traps.

Forsaken Tombs


Forsaken Tombs offers massive rewards in the form of XP, parts, and Synthite when destroyed. Keep an eye out for a glowing T in the wall or floor, and if you find one, seek it out, but be careful of the traps that clever builders may hide there.

Check Your Blind Spots


Outposts will naturally have lots of blind spots that builders will look to exploit. Be wary of potential blind spots above, below, or behind you, especially when entering a new room, climbing or descending stairs, or jumping down a hole.

Use Lean To Your Advantage


Use the lean feature by holding down either L3 or R3 to peek around corners safely. Combine this with your primary weapon or hardware to disable traps without putting yourself in too much danger.

Use your Grapple Hook with caution


The grappling hook is perfect for covering long distances quickly, but it can also put you in danger due to enemy placements and hidden traps. Use it in situations where you can easily make a break outside or avoid shots from guards.

Be Wary Of Return Journeys


Returning through an outpost after nabbing the GenMat can be dangerous. Keep in mind that certain traps can spawn once the GenMat has been taken, making areas that were once cleared and safe now risky.

Practice Makes Perfect


Practice is essential to become a successful raider in Meet Your Maker. Familiarize yourself with different types of traps and outposts, experiment with different weapons and equipment, and develop strategies to overcome challenges. With time and practice, you will become the best raider in Meet Your Maker.



There are five advisors In the game who each provide different upgrades and boosts. Boosts offer bonuses and effects that can be obtained by spending certain resources. The boosts of each advisor are as follows:

  • Chrona (Weapons) offers Spoils of War, which increases the drop rate of Parts
  • Elpida (Hardware) offers Deathgarden, which increases the amount of GenMat earned in raids
  • Metamorph (Guards) offers Power & Glory, which increases the amount of Prestige earned at outposts
  • Prota (Traps) offers Strip Mine, which increases the drop rate of Synthite
  • Prosarmogi (Suits) offers Watchman, which displays intel on enemy outposts

The potency of each boost increases with each level, and upgrades are obtained by collecting GenMat. While the effects of the boosts cannot be upgraded, the amount of time that they are active can be. Upgrading an advisor increases the amount of time the boost is active by three minutes per level, with a maximum of 30 minutes per boost at level 10.

Types of Traps


There are two main types of traps in Meet Your Maker: single-use and multi-use traps. Single-use traps are less effective as they can be accidentally set off without causing any harm. Multi-use traps, on the other hand, are the most dangerous tools in the game.

The following multi-use traps are the best in Meet Your Maker:

  1. Death Piston: Constructs a piston that shoots outward at predetermined intervals, destroying everything in its path.
  2. Incinerator: Capable of emitting a fiery barrier over a considerable distance, provided that the intended target remains within the activation range.
  3. Plasma Sentinel: Shoots a plasma ball with a large damage radius that sticks around for some time after making contact with any surface.
  4. Iron Claw: Latches onto targets within range, pulling them towards the block's position.

In addition to the traps mentioned above, Meet Your Maker also provides the following traps:

  • Boltshot: A block that can only be used once, and it shoots out a series of bolts when activated.
  • Bomb Ejector: A block that releases several bombs that bounce and explode after a certain time.
  • Corrosive Cube: A block that cannot be destroyed, but it instantly kills any target that comes into contact with it.
  • Holocube: A block that creates a holographic image of a bedrock block, but it disappears when you come near it.
  • Impaler: A block that has spikes that emerge from its surface, impaling anything within its range.
If you still need to learn more about traps, this guide provides some useful beginners tips

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