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Last Updated: October 30, 2021
Mayhem Brawler
  • First Released: Aug 18, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 12,

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How to reach all endings


1st Ending: While in the prison, you will need to avoid all spellcaster levels, (ie Rock Star and Spell Casters, and Enchantress). You will only face Lycanthropes at this level. If you follow this, your player will proceed to Chainfields prison (from Orange is the New Black) the first ending where you will fight Apex Hunter

2nd Ending: While you are in the lab, you will need to arrest all the Ai in levels 3 and 5, Once you have completed this you will need to face the Enchantress and beat the boss. This will take you to Clover Residence (Land of the Dead), the ending where you will face The Butcher

Third Ending : To getLet everyone go in level 3 and 5 and face enchantress too.

For this ending you must release and cooperate with them, selecting the following stages. Altered Beast, Circling the Prey, and Corporate Ladder. Following these steps will take you to Route C. Throughout the stages always make sure to Collaborate with Oliver and She-Wolf.

You will fight the MindBender as a final boss in the Stronghold Outpost( Who Watches the Watchmen).

Bear in mind that the 2 options in stage 3 are the same as well as the 2 options in stage 5. Both stages are the variables that take you to a specific ending, so if you mess with your choice you are going to mess with your ending.

Should you need help getting to these endings, Supa Game goes through this in his video.

Use all characters to find your style.


There are 3 characters to choose from when playing. Each person will have their own playing style, from fast pace to power-hungry. Take a moment to test out each character before.

Trouble is a middle-ground to Star and Dolphin, He has a strong and fast claw attack, he gives a decent punch as he fights off each enemy. 

Dolphin is your tank, He throws a mean punch and deals a ton of damage, but he moves much slower than the others leaving a vulnerability.

Star is your speedy character, your Tracer. Star's telekinesis allows low quick, energy blasting attacks, though the strikes do not deal too much damage. The enemies will have a hard time attacking Star as she is swift as can be.

Single Target Focusing


Sometimes you will be bombarded by 5-6 enemies at once. Other times you will only have 1 enemy on the screen, but the idea remains the same. Focus on one enemy at a time

Attacking one enemy at a time will allow you to remove as many enemies from the screen as possible. An enemy with low health will still attack with all its power. Having multiple enemies with low health does not help your situation and you may easily become overwhelmed by the minions. 

Healthy Food?


As you go through the levels you will find some coffee, donuts, chicken, etc. Basically a bunch of food on the floor. While we can't say food laying on the floor is healthy, it does provide the player with health.

It is best to always try and keep the players' health as high as possible, you never know if a raid of minions will take over! 

Pick up all the foods when it's possible. 

Pick up weapons


As you kill certain enemies, they will drop weapons, such as knifes, guns, wrenches, etc. You are able to pick up these weapons to use against other minions and bosses. The weapons will deal a decent amount of damage depending on what you have picked up. 

Level Name References

Easter Eggs

The Warriors: The Warriors is a level referring to the Savatage bands album from 1985. An album that has left its mark on 80's Rock.

Mayhem Rock City: The developer Arubatorion has a passion for rock music and so this level’s name is derived from Detroit Rock City. A comedic comedy from 1999 about teenagers who have a love for Rock. As they journey through to watch a live Kiss concert.

Altered Beast: Mayhem Brawler has drawn a lot of its inspiration from arcade games of the past. Altered Beast is one they felt strongly enough to name a level on it. Altered Beast was a super popular Sega arcade game that was popularized in the late 80's. It is no longer around today, though it lives in the memories of all arcade game fans!

Orange Is The New Black: Chainsfield Prison may have some familiar surroundings as you create Havoc and fight around the prison. You may not only be fighting female prisoners, but the prison and its surroundings are similar to Litchfield Penitentiary from Orange Is The New Black. 

Land of the Dead: Clover Residences scene is heavily inspired by Land of the Dead. Land of the Dead is a film from 2005 about zombies taking over the world, it is the 4th of a box set, though it is by far the most popular. The film has a huge influence on the pop culture of today. 

Who watches the Watchmen?: This is the final stage in the game. The name refers to a Superhero based film from the 80's

The Hero Concept Developers provided this list of easter eggs to me. 

Fear Of The Dark

Easter Eggs

In the Stronghold Outpost, you will need to reach the last phase and fight the Boss. There will be a song that begins to play in the background. This song is from an Iron Maiden called Fear of the Dark playing. You will need to be sure to enable your dialogue to hear this.

You can hear the song begin as Chakrams Gaming fights Mindbender about 11 minutes in.

Minion and Boss references

Easter Eggs

Walking Dead: You may notice as you run into certain Zombies. It will no longer show you as fighting a Zombie but rather a "Walking Dead" making a clear reference to NBC's Walking Dead series.

Pure-Blood: You won't find this enemy holding a wand, but they are 100% Wizards! A Pure-Blood is a term used for a Wizard in the Harry Potter universe and means that both your parents are wizards.

Nosferatu: Level 3's Boss Nosferatu is from a silent film made in 1922. The name "Nosferatu" has been presented as an archaic Romanian word, synonymous with "vampire". The film was considered very creepy at the time of release and was banned in Sweden. Nosferatu is now a pop culture reference used often. 

Big Mama: Level 1’s enemy is from a film made in 2000 called Big Momma’s house. The name is a clear reference to the film. 

Werercroc: The crocodile is from Elder Scrolls. The Werecrocodiles are a type of Lycanthrope on Tamriel. They are afflicted with disease and end up attacking and killing the residents of the city. 

MC Mejin: MC Mejin is a reference to the "ice ice baby" rapper MC Hammer. 

When asked what the developer "Arubatorion's" favorite easter eggs was, he replied "I'd say, for the minions, I probably love Arcane Gangsta's the most. For the boss, my vote is for She-Wolf man"
The Hero Concept developers provided this list of easter eggs to me. 

Dialogue References

Easter Eggs

Smurfs: In one scene Trouble says “Papa Smurf always says …” Papa smurf is the oldest and wisest from the popular show Smurfs.

Lord Of The Rings: You may notice Security screaming "You shall not pass!". It's a reference to Gandalf's touching scene as he kills himself to ensure the ring is destroyed from the Lord of The Rings movie

Captain America: Dolphin at one point explains tells his companion "I understood that reference!" This is a reference to the popular meme from Captain America. 

Simpsons: Beastmaster a minion shouts “Eat my shorts!” You get it?" This joke from Beastmaster is referring to the popular saying Bart says constantly throughout the show. 

Madagascar: When Alley Witch gets hit, she shouts "Sugar Honey Iced Tea!" The initials of the words are SHIT. The phrase was popularised in the movie Madagascar. As Morty runs away from Alex, while Alex is trying to eat Morty, He shouts this.

Legend Of Zelda: Star says " Well excuse me, princess?" referencing Link joking with Zelda while saving her.

Game Of Thrones: Korshi's Vain shouts "You know nothing Trouble Snow! Jon Snow is a main character from the series and Ygritte repeats the phrase "You know nothin, Jon Snow '' multiple times throughout the show. Trouble Snow should NOT be translated.

Joker: Korsi's Vain taunts "Uugh, why is everybody so upset about these things?" This is from the Joker Film (2019) while he is talking on the live talk show.

Mad Max -Fury Road : Mad Max is referred to multiple times in the dialogue, and there is the enemy Blood Bag. "why is everybody so upset about these guys''," Die quietly, blood bag!"Pureblood Inmate'' "blood bag" " Yeah, yeah, "witness me! Witness me"" These are all dialogues from Dolphin throughout the game, he must be a big Mad Max fan.

Star Wars: Trouble shouts "Hello There!" when surprising an enemy, referring to Obi-Wan Kenobi dropping in on General Grievous… Grievous would reply "General Kenobi" which has become a meme in the last few years. Apex Hunter says "Sarge Statham! I’ve been waiting for you to visit me for ages. " which is another Obi-Wan Kenobi reference. Who doesn't like star wars?

The Hero Concept developers provided this list of easter eggs to me. 

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