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Last Updated: February 7, 2023

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How To Change Time Of The Day


Changing the time of day in Spider-Man Miles Morales can only be achieved once you have completed the game. You will need to go into the "Game Settings" menu. Scroll down to "TIME OF DAY" option and select between the following options: "DAY/NIGHT/SUNSET/OVERCAST."

ErosLikesGames shares a guide on how to change the time of day.

How To Do Into Spider Verse Dive


You can do the spider verse dive by either swinging through the air or jumping off a building. In order for you to dive into the spider verse, "Miles" must be falling backwards and looking into the camera.

The easiest way to do this is to go to a high building that doesn't have any ledges. You must run off the building holding "L3" and the sprint button which is "R2". As you are about to jump off the building you must push "X". Never let go of "L3", keep holding it and pointing forward even when "Miles" is in the air.

While "Miles" is in the air, you must hold "Square" while "L3" is still being held and pointed upwards. "Miles" will do a movement where he checks his phone, and he will then do the "Spider Verse dive".

JB11 Games shows us how to do the Spider Verse dive.

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