Kitaria Fables Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: October 7, 2021
Kitaria Fables
  • First Released: Sep 1, 2021

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Unlock Inventory Space


To unlock more inventory space you will need to purchase bag upgrades from Pumpkin, a merchant who appears at night in Paw Village and the Rivero Fortress inn. (Pumpkin appears at other locations as well, but doesn’t sell items there.) He doesn’t appear every night, so check back until you find him. At Paw Village, he will appear every 3 nights, while his Rivero Fortress appearances seem to be random.

  • Medium Bag (adds 8 inventory slots) – 3,000 Paw Pennies
  • Large Bag (adds another 8 inventory slots) – 10,000 Paw Pennies

Enemy Grinding spot (kills/materials)


If you need a spot to grind enemy kills, especially for the trophy/achievement for defeating 3000 enemies, a good place to do it is in the South Freshwater Swamp. Enemies spawn in good numbers close together, which lets you easily defeat them, especially if you use AOE attacks. It’s also right near the edge, so you can quickly leave and return to have them respawn, and repeat the process until you’ve defeated enough.

Fast Money / How to Earn Paw Pennies


When you start playing, you might find that you’re having trouble earning enough money. There are a few different ways you can earn money quickly.

Complete quests. Quests reward you with money.

Sell items. Once you’ve sold an item at least once, its sell price will be added to its description. This will help you decide which items to sell again.

Grinding by fighting enemies for their item drops can be good, especially since some items sell for a lot of money. Withered Flowers (which sell for 100) and Amber (which sell for 1000) are two that can really help you out.

Focus on your farm. Farming is a core part of the gameplay, and selling crops will eventually become your biggest money-maker.

Recipes can also help you earn money. Try to find recipes with ingredients that have a good profit margin to make the most profit possible.

Beginning Tips


Opening the menu does not pause the game. You’ll still be vulnerable to attack if you have the menu open.

Items can be equipped to shortcuts for quick use, which is especially helpful in combat.

When you attack enemies, you’ll regenerate mana.

Use the sickle to harvest crops, as it’s able to harvest a 3x3 square at a time.

Upgrading tools requires both the previous version of the tool and upgrade materials. In this way, you can build toward better tools.

In addition to upgrading your tools, you’ll also want to get new weapons and armor regularly.

Talk to the merchants in every town, because different ones have different items/services.

Getting new spells by spending Vengeful Souls will also be key to staying prepared for the enemies you’ll face.

Explore to find new materials, items, and also side quests you can take on.

While it might be tempting to sell everything, check to make sure you won’t need materials for upcoming upgrades before you sell them.

While it’s expensive to upgrade your inventory, it’s a worthwhile investment since it allows you to carry more items for upgrades or selling.

Your quest log will include details on where to go for your quest. Quest markers are also indicated on the map.

Open All Chests (Gold/Silver/Copper)


You’ll find numerous chests throughout the world, which come in four varieties: wooden, copper, silver, and gold. Wooden chests can be opened as soon as you find them. However, the remaining three types of chests, which contain more valuable loot, require keys to unlock them. A copper chest requires a copper key, and so on. You can sometimes get keys as drops from bosses, but for the most part, you’ll need to craft them.

  • Copper Key – craft with 10 Ironstone, 3 Copper Ingots, and 1,000 Paw Pennies
  • Silver Key – craft with 10 Ironstone, 3 Silver Ingots, and 1,000 Paw Pennies
  • Gold Key – craft with 10 Ironstone, 3 Gold Ingots, and 1,000 Paw Pennies

If you have the keys you need, but you’re actually trying to find the chests to unlock with them, use the video guide below to see the locations of all copper, silver, and gold chests.

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