Kena: Bridge of Spirits Glitches on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: June 10, 2022

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Infinite Karma and Gem farm


Gems are used to purchase hats from the har carts for your rot to wear, and the karma allows you to increase your abilities on your ability tree. You can farm ten karma at about 50 currency per minute using the glitch. 

There are no crafting or weapons upgrades in the game, so the only way to increase Kena's power is by using the ability tree. 

Players will need to be in act 2 and have to have bought the storehouse and unlocked the bomb skill, which will give you access to the bomb tree. You will need to open the storehouse because this will put you in the area of the field. 

To get to the bomb tree, you will need to complete the tarot's line, and then you will get the arrow part of the tree in Rusu mountain in act 1. You will need rot level 4 to allow you to access the last part of the skill tree. 

Players will need to be starting the search for Adira in the fields. In the fields, search for a rock with a rot. Then throw your bomb at the rock and use a bow and arrow to shoot the bomb but do not loot the rot. A little stick man will then chase after you with a bomb. 

Your choices are you can let him use the bomb on you, or you can shoot the bomb before he reaches you. It won't make that much difference because your health regenerates straight after the stick man uses the bomb on you. But we suggest that you shoot the bomb because it will save time. 

If you loot the rot, it will go into your inventory, and you won't be able to turn it over. 

You will get ten karma points from him and 50 gems each time which takes about a minute. You will, however, respawn each time close to the spot with the rock. 

Linus Willson goes into detail as to how the glitch works.

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