Hunter's Arena: Legends Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: August 1, 2021
Hunter's Arena: Legends
  • First Released: Jul 14, 2020

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Basic Tips


Don’t stay in one place for too long, or you’ll be an easy target for your enemies. Try to keep moving.

Stay alert as you travel, as well. You’ll take fall damage if you fall from too high up, and you also need to be aware of any potential opponents hiding nearby.

However, you can also use those heights to your advantage. Jumping down and attacking will allow you to deliver a powerful jump-strike.

The map is a valuable resource. Not only does it display merchants and other areas of interest, such as caves and dungeons, but it also has an option to see the level of monster difficulty in each area.

Monsters are stronger at night, and certain special monsters only spawn at night.

Chases in this game use drafting, or the slipstream effect. This means that if you’re behind another player, you’ll be able to run faster than them. Take advantage on this to close in on an opponent by chasing them down.

You can revive your teammates, so keep an eye out for anyone who needs help and make sure to communicate with your team.

Through combat, you’ll earn experience points, which allow you to level up and spend points to select masteries from the skill tree. The mastery path you take will provide you with bonuses and let you further customize your play style.

It is also possible to find stat books and exp books, items that either boost a stat or reward you with experience when you use them, depending on the type.

In each match, you’ll also unlock abilities as you play, so choose those wisely based on your playstyle and the current situation.

Merchants sell useful items, so keep an eye out for them and stock up on consumables as well as tools that will help you.

Merchant Odong is a special merchant who spawns late in the match and sells legendary items fairly cheap, along with other useful items, so keep an especially close lookout for her.

If you see a trail of gold, follow it to find a treasure goblin that you can defeat to earn a lot of gold.

Game Modes


There are three different game modes you can play:

  • Battle Royale Solo – you versus every other player, individuals only, no teams
  • Battle Royale Trio – teams of three facing off against one another
  • Tag Match – one-versus-one gameplay on a smaller match, with each player being able to use and switch between two hunters

Note that due to the RPG and PvE elements of the game, battle royale players will find it useful to explore the PvE content by checking out dungeons and fighting monsters instead of focusing exclusively on other players.

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