Hitman World of Assassination Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Hitman World of Assassination
  • Category: Bundle
  • First Released: Jan 25, 2023
  • Genres: Shooter, Tactical, Adventure
  • Themes: Action, Thriller, Stealth, Sandbox
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Every Item Serves a Purpose


Anything you can gather is a good idea, because you never know when a screwdriver might come in handy. You can collect a lot because there are no restrictions on the size of your inventory.

The Burglars from Home Alone

Easter Eggs

In Home Alone, Marv Gonif and Harry Bagnato, the "Wet Bandits," somehow ended up in Paris, where they became targets of agent 47.

The Creepy Zombie

Easter Eggs

You travel down the Mississippi River on one of Agent 47's missions as you search for gang members who have boarded a tanker. The rest of the NPCs on the ship would start to lurch around like zombies for some reason if 47 killed one of the gang members and one of the boat's guards in a particular way.

The "ICEA" Boat Used in Hitman's Tutorial

Easter Eggs

Agent 47 refreshes his skills on a wooden boat on a wooden tutorial stage. It is strong and smooth, but it has a silly, unfinished appearance. The craftsmanship stems from the fact that the International Contract Agency bought the entire fake boat from "ICEA," a clever play on IKEA.

Judgement Day Shotgun Flower Box

Easter Eggs

While searching the hotel for secret entrances as part of the "Traditions of the Trade" mission, Agent 47 enters a florist shop on the first floor. There is a long box on a desk that appears to be filled with roses. A shotgun appears to be concealed among the red roses upon closer examination.

Kane and Lynch are Frequently Mentioned

Easter Eggs

The notorious Kane and Lynch: Dead Men was released by IO soon after the success of Hitman: Blood Money. A man was fired because of his honest review of the poor game. They appear as NPCs in missions throughout Hitman, unwilling to let it be forgotten.

You Can Kill A Ghost

Easter Eggs

There is a real ghost that can be seen and even killed. This shadowy figure is at the end of a corridor, hidden deep in the closed-off wing of the hotel from the "Traditions of the Trade" mission.

Special Flamingo Flight

Easter Eggs

Miami is known for its man-sized flamingos that fly all over the place. While dressed as the flamingo mascot, 47 is able to literally fly himself out of the level. Once all targets have been taken out, you simply need to run, this time dressed as a flamingo, to the helipad near the racetrack.

The Kraken Is Unleashed

Easter Eggs

Agent 47 can look out at the sea from the lovely seaside town of Sapienza in Italy and take in the local wildlife. However, it's The Kraken, not a dolphin or anything else.

Rubber Duckies Are Everywhere

Easter Eggs

To complete the task, Codename 47 has essentially used every tool at his disposal. The rubber duck is one item that has shown up in some capacity in every installment. This series is littered with ducks.

How To Beat The Stock Market


Directly after completing a mission, go to the stock market and place a bet. When you win, don’t play again directly afterward. Instead, start playing the next mission. Then Shut down the game. When the game starts up, it has been autosaved but has not interfered with your mission. Don't exit the game. The Merces you won is now saved, and you can place a new bet. Repeat this until you lose. When you lose and exit the game, your loss is not saved when you restart it. 

Do this until you have a good win.

Bellatorum shows you a bulletproof way to earn/gain quick Merces.

Distracting People With Coins


You can always throw one of the enemies to draw their attention whenever they are obstructing your path to one of the areas. A vacuum cleaner and other loud objects are also beneficial. 

Utilize Hitman Instinct Mode


By using this mode, you will be able to scan your surroundings and find everything that can be interacted with.

Activate The Subtitles To Help You Remember


You may find it easier to recall the names of places and goals if you do this. When trying to quickly decide where to go next while scanning a map, doing this will be of great assistance.

Use The Minimap To Your Advantage


There are some important details will be revealed by the icons of the game.

Save Your Session On A Regular Basis


There is a chance that one of your actions could go wrong; if this happens, you can go back to where you were when the mission began. 

Keep Your Status In Mind At All Times


It will inform you of things like whether you need to alter your costume, whether someone is looking for you, whether you have seen a crime, etc.

Casimir shows you some helpful features.

To gain XP, Repeat Missions


You will gain more experience points (XP) and level up after completing each mission. Enemies will be aware that you are in disguise.

Remove Only the Required Targets


You run the risk of putting yourself in danger if you eliminate someone who is not part of the plan.

Keep The Bodies Out Of Sight


Not only must you be able to eliminate someone, but you also need to know where to hide them.

Make Use Of The Fiber Wire As A Weapon


Using the fiber wire will help you be able to throttle all of your targets silently.

Pay Attention To Your Environment


To properly appreciate your ability to get the information you need, you need to depend on every conversation you have.

Zoom In To Hear Better Form A Distance


When you zoom in with a weapon, you can hear the conversations of others more clearly.

Find And Merorize All Your Shortcuts


Yellow signs identify each exit. You can search for doors, vents, stairs, and more.

Use Extreme Caution When Around Security Cameras


In some cases, when they are likely to give away your position, destroying them can be practical.

Rat Poison Is Extremely Potent


A very stealthy weapon could be rat poison. It can be found in warehouses, basements, and other maintenance areas.

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