Heavenly Bodies Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: November 8, 2022
Heavenly Bodies
  • First Released: Dec 6, 2021

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Cheat Trainer


When it comes to cheats for Heavenly Bodies, the options are rather limited. The game itself has no cheats and doesn’t support them on its system. You can make use of a cheat engine or trainer like Fearless Cheat Engine. 

Choose your Movement Style


The gameplay provides you with a few movement styles making the way you travel and move around customizable to what you most prefer. The classic movement is more challenging but provides some assistance with things such as swimming.

The second movement method you can use gives you more freedom with the directions you want to move in. The Newtonian movement method requires a mentally accurate style. This is perfect if you are looking for a zero-gravity experience. 

Customize your Controls


Flying around in space can be tricky at times. To make this easier, you can customize your controls. Using the toggle could help you navigate space better. You can also change your grabbing and holding buttons to a better position if this helps you.

Use the Manual


Heavenly Bodies can get quite technical at times. If there is something, you don't understand how to do and need help with, check the manual. The manual is filled with everything you need to keep the space station running and is essential for survival. 

How to bring Home the Gold


You can find the trophy you need to exit the craft and travel up to the top right side of the station. On your way there, you will need to travel along the exterior of the station and enter the top part of it by moving a round sphere into alignment with the door to give you access. 

Once you are in there, you need to pick up the clamp (it looks similar to a spade). The trophy is in a compartment at the end of the room. The compartment is small, so your arm will be the only thing that fits.

Holding onto the side of the opening, get your arm through the clamp in your hand and grab onto the trophy. Once you have it, drop the clamp and grab the trophy and take it back to the evacuation pod.

How to move through space


Moving through space can be difficult as your character's arms and legs flap around loosely. You need to control your astronaut by using the jets on their suit and grabbing nearby objects to help direct yourself. 

You can also help direct yourself by using various objects in the tunnels to push off. You can also collide with objects to help you change direction. If you need to move an obstacle to get into a passage, you will need to grab something with one hand and move the object with the other.

Always remember that when you are in space, you are always moving, so make sure you have got an anchor sorted, especially if you are working on a part of the station. 

Completing Missions


Completing missions is pretty important in the game. You will receive missions that are often involved doing maintenance on the station. Once you have agreed to take a mission, you will receive a mission guide in the mission box. It will print out a manual for you to follow describing what you need to do.

For Example, in the Data section, you get a mission to fix the antennas around the station. You have to calibrate antennas 1-4 four to get them back up and running. Once you have done that, you need to celebrate the main dish. You are given a diagram with steps to follow as well as how to do the calibrations for each step.

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